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This is an email from On the Crest, a newsletter by Fourth Wave.

Fourth Wave Has a New Look

Our new masthead was designed by artist Leila Register, with inspiration from and gratitude to regular contributor Peter Pruyn.

So much has happened since we sent out the last communication to Fourth Wave subscribers in mid-May, including Medium’s change in labeling for this type of communication from “letter” to “newsletter.” The most obvious change, though, is our new redesign.

Some of you might have been fans of the previous masthead, which featured a woman holding her arms up while looking out at the ocean — a literal translation of the feminist term “fourth wave.” I know I was. Because I designed it! :p But about the time I was receiving $1,200 from the U.S. government, I was realizing that image was under par, so I decided to spend some of that money hiring actual artists to come up with a new vision for the site.

You can read about that thought process, and see a few of the options it generated, in two stories:

How I Spent My $1,200


Why Beauty is a Drawback

On a more serious subject, like everyone else in the country, we’ve been rocked by protests against police brutality at Fourth Wave, and moved to think deeply about racial inequality since the horrific death of George Floyd. A few stories examining that topic include:

Don’t Betray Us With Your Vote by the inestimable Morgan Babbs, who recently started her own blog on Medium, Contrasts

Here’s To Reckoning and Recognition by the courageous and inspirational Donna Jenson

Social Change, Healthcare, and the Leap from Coping to Healing by the erudite and insightful Anna Holtzman

and my own contributions

Anyone Notice Chauvin’s Name?

How Lynching is Related to Sexism, and

Where’s My Harriet Tubman $20 bill?

As well as the tangential but related story,

Of Course Social Media Sites Are Responsible for What’s Posted

Besides publishing in Fourth Wave, I’ve been excited to discover new publications on Medium these past two months and to contribute to their communities. On the intersectional feminist site An Injustice! (whose astonishing masthead, I must admit, was what made me aware of the inadequacy of Fourth Wave’s) I was pleased to publish

What You Can Do With Your Privilege


When Public Defenders Run for DA

And on the pagan and witchy site Queen’s Children, I was inspired by two prompts to investigate my thoughts on

The Sacred Masculine

and write a poem for midsummer which included one of the last pictures I took of the gorgeous view from my window before moving off Russian Hill to a more convenient apartment

When Shadow Turns Into Light

Speaking of poetry, we were so pleased to welcome back Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh in this quarter with publication of his hopeful poem

Light Dawns

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Meanwhile, what’s happening at your place? Have you got thoughts or feelings about the condition of the world that you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you. So the next time the muse strikes, Submit to the Wave!

Stay safe and keep writing.

Patsy Fergusson
Fourth Wave




Changing the world for the better, one story at a time, with a focus on women and other disempowered groups

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