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Fourth Wave’s Tide is Rising

With a sweet and salty 1.1k followers, we surged over a goal

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The Supreme Court just leaked a draft opinion saying they plan to overturn Roe v Wade yesterday, so I’m mightily distracted. But we’ve had so much happen here at Fourth Wave since the last newsletter Feb. 23! And since my writing buddy cancelled on our date for today, I figured I’d use this time to reach out and tell you about a few of our big accomplishments.

  1. We reached 1,000 followers! Not only that, we powered past that laudable benchmark, moving up quite quickly to 1.1k. At the time of this writing, there are 1136 good people signed up to get this newsletter and see the stories we publish on Fourth Wave on their Medium feed. That’s something to celebrate. So…Huzzah!
  2. We welcomed new, vital writers! From conception, I hoped feminists would feel at home on Fourth Wave. But how do you make a comfy home? It’s not clear or easy — at least not to me. What we’ve got going now is a commitment to contributors to respond quickly to submissions, promote links on social media, clap a full 50x for every story published, and highlight lines or make a comment as the spirit moves. So far, that new system seems to be working to communicate that we value and cherish our contributors. Huzzah!
  3. We figured out some promotional stuff! It may have taken a few years, but hey, we finally got the job done, figuring out how to use the tools that Medium provides to promote the stories that appear in Fourth Wave. It’s spelled out in this story: Here’s One Way to Grow Readership. Now if only I can remember to do those smart things for my own stuff. :p I sometimes forget, and have to go back after I publish to do them. But that still warrants a hearty Huzzah!

Now that we’re done celebrating, let’s get down to the good stuff — reading. Here are all the stories we’ve published since the last newsletter, starting with the oldest first. I hope you find a few that you want to read, and will clap or comment to support our writers and let them know that you like their work.

From writer and warrior fighting white, male supremacy Vena Moore:
Wine Mom Culture Excludes Black Mothers

From award-winning journalist, author of “Not Too Old For That: How Women are Changing the Story of Aging,” coauthor of “The New I Do,” and mom Vicki Larson:
It’s OK To Be Inspired By Adele, Just Not For Her Weight Loss
How ‘His’ and ‘Her’ Marriages Can Lead to Gray Divorce

From freelance writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry who loves writing author biographies and articles about books Charlie O'Brien:
Kate Douglas Wiggin: Dedicated Kindergarten Educator, and Children’s Author

From teacher, writer, ADHD survivor … (Ms. Kursman is laughing hysterically somewhere) Jackie Dawes:
Love Dust
The Box in the Trunk
The Bad Girls Home
Pieces of Love Dust (12 Years Later)

From a woman who loves people, cats and tea: believes humanity is good by default, and that all prayer works Suma Narayan:
Reading Exercise
The Genius of Georgette Heyer

From writer & advocate for mental health, writing about what she’s learned 1st hand about Bp disorder, mental health, spirituality & self-love S. Stokes:
Isolation or #Bipolartogether?
Showing Gratitude for a Partner with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

From creative writing grad located in LA Kayla Vokolek:
The Shallow Feminism of ‘Circe’

From woman who hits “publish” before the strait jacket feels comfortable again Cristina Comunian:
Gravity, Age, Grace

I’m presuming that everyone getting this newsletter is already a member of Medium. But if you aren’t and want to be, use this referral link to sign up for $5 a month to gain access to thousands of stories and writers on the platform and support Fourth Wave at the same time.

In solidarity,

Patsy Fergusson
Fourth Wave



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