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Oskot (shut up) by @ hassansquared on IG

"When are you coming home?"

I woke to the usual text from my mother. She didn't like that I lived alone and had agency over my life.

That's what sluts do!

I moved an hour away from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, which was too much of an embarrassment for her. Real women get degrees to go back home and wait for a suitor; they don't go out there to create opportunities, make decisions, and have a voice in the world. A degree is the backup plan for a husband in case something terrible happens in the distant future, but never to become your own person.

So, I took a cab to work, waved hello to the building security guard, picked up my coffee from the shop on the ground level, and then passed the accounting department, the media buying department, the research department, and the CEO's desk to get to mine— all men. The front desk secretary was a lady, though.

The company was based in the US, and an email went out about how we would adopt gender equality initiatives and hire something like three whole women managers by 2010. I'm exaggerating slightly, but it was a really trivial percentage we had to meet.

I remember feeling nonchalant about it until I stepped into the pantry, which was always a sausage fest, and stumbled into a conversation…