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Gravity, Age, Grace

And other ironies

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Growing (older) is about gaining life, not losing it.

The more my skin relaxes, the more my body softens, the more my muscles let go of tone, and the more tension leaves my body and soul, the more confident I feel in my skin. Yes, life is that ironic.

It turns out that once you stop fighting gravity (and other universal forces), those very forces start lifting your whole body and soul up and tall.

As you grow older, besides finally figuring out gravity, yes, it takes the time it takes, you discover other unknown forces. Like the energy constantly grabbing you from the back of your collar and pulling you back up, the one that curls the corners of your lips up no matter the weather, and the one that makes you see goodness in everything and everyone.

And then there is this magic veil every-freaking-where. Only God, or a magician, could parallel-park wrinkles with so much grace, form new constellations with skin pigmentation, and sprinkle magic silver pixie dust with that degree of perfection.

As you grow older, you see the absurdity of investing so much in overcontrolling your body and spirit. By the way, the force of overcontrolling — like the one of rejecting — is all encompassing, when you reject a part, you reject the whole, when you tighten something, you tighten all, same applies for when you let go. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do.

It takes a life time to understand that tension can only contain your essence, not expand it.

Growing older is more about gaining than losing, the narrative of life as a zero-sum game only serves the anti-life industry.

There is an entire narrative that needs to be turned inside out and upside down.

Your skin and body do not lose firmness, I mean firmness, is there a more absurd word? Nothing in our body is ever firm, we are not made of china, when we fall, we are able to pick ourselves up. And thank God for that.

We are constant evolution, we are shock-absorbing 24/7, rigidity leads to brokenness.

There is a time for everything, including the time when we are allowed to relax the fibers of our beings, the time when we allow our body to return to its original softness, when our smiles can go back to pure cuteness, and our spirit can revert back to careless courage.

Growing and aging is about gaining life, it is about going back to your untouched baby-like essence and at the same time embrace the person you have been waiting to become.

For every tensed fiber that you let go, your body pays you back in grace, a currency whose value increases exponentially over time.

To embrace the law of unwinding eternity, you need to let go.

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