How Do Little Boys Go From Sweet To Scarier Than A Bear In The Woods?

No one wants to pick the bear, but here’s why they do

Linda Caroll
Fourth Wave


Little boy photo from Unsplash

My sister and I are laughing so hard we can barely breathe. We were sitting having coffee when her wee boy came running down the hall and through the room nekkid as a jaybird. Just as the doorbell rang. Of course.

Before we can move, he flings open the door, yells Gwamma! She looks over, and sees us. “Gwamma look, I naked,” he shouts in delight and shimmies his hips for emphasis. His crazy butt wiggle and the look on Mom’s face undoes us. “I see that,” mom says, scooping him for hugs and kisses.

A little angel is what he is. Cupid come to life and dropped in our arms. Round baby belly, wild blonde curls, and wide blue eyes that melt your heart. Take that kid anywhere, total strangers stop and look, mouths shaped in a little oh! He grins and hearts can’t help but flip-flop.

That boy laughs so hard, from so deep in the belly sometimes he just tips right over laughing. Rolls around the floor laughing and it’s infectious, so you can’t help but laugh with him. And when he cries? My god, it’s like the sky opened up, tears spilling from big blue eyes, petal mouth quivering.