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Jamming the Frequency

Patsy Fergusson
May 16, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo above by Aaron Burden on Unsplash. Banner a mash-up of photos by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash and Ryan Moreno on Unsplash.

Fourth Wave is here to amplify the voices of women and others who are underrepresented in the public square. We seek thoughtful pieces on topics that matter, with an eye to reducing sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, Islamophobia and other blights. We also seek reviews, humor, fiction, and poetry on equality themes.

Fourth Wave formed up on Medium on May 15, 2019. Help us to create that online space you’re always looking for, where women are respected, thinking is deep, and writing is strong. If you have a story idea, send it to us. We’ll let you know what we think. If you have a completed piece and a Medium account, great! Send a link to your draft (or published) piece to Put your proposed headline in the subject line. Include a link to your Medium profile.

If you don’t have a Medium account and don’t want to sign up for one, that’s okay, too. We can use our Fourth Wave account to publish your work, with your byline in the subtitle. If your story makes more than $10, we’ll send it to you via Venmo.

You don’t need an account and you don’t need to be a woman to submit. So be bold. Send us your work. Submit to the Wave!

A reader recently asked how we came up with the name Fourth Wave. Find the answer here.

We currently have five categories for stories. Consider where your story fits best. When submitting, include a tag with that word so it will populate the right subpage on Fourth Wave. If you don’t include one of the topics listed below as a tag, we’ll add it so our site works correctly. If you already have five tags, we’ll replace one.

World: Politics, Environment, Government, Work
Women: Feminism, Love, Sex, Home
Culture: Books, Movies, Drama, Media, Events
Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Humor
Health: Mental, Physical, Spiritual

Every story needs at least one graphic, horizontal is best, and you must credit the artist or link back to the source in the caption in order to be published in Fourth Wave. If you aren’t an artist yourself, look on Unsplash or Pixabay for photos that aren’t copyrighted.

Please be aware that we copyedit it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If significant changes are wanted, we’ll ask first. We’d also like to have your social media account names, so we can link back to you when promoting your work on FB and Twitter. And we’ll add a section break and a line something like this at the bottom: For more stories like this one, follow Fourth Wave.

Speaking of which, we hope YOU will follow Fourth Wave and read us often. Clap and comment for other writers on the site. Remember, sisterhood is powerful, and a rising tide lifts all boats.

We hope to hear from you soon. But even if we don’t, keep writing!

Patsy Fergusson
Editor, Fourth Wave

Patsy Fergusson

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Writer based in SF. Tree hugger. Tour guide. Columnist in a previous life. Editor of Fourth Wave. More at

Fourth Wave

Jamming the Frequency

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