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Pardon my shameless promotion. But hey, this Publication Mama is proud! We’ve had so much good stuff on our pages lately that I had to let three months pass before I could get around to putting out another newsletter. Procrastination had nothing to do with it! Nor did working on my own writing. But seriously, it’s hard to put the work down just in order to promote it. But here I am. Doing the hard stuff. For you, the discerning reader, who deserves nothing but the best.

So without further ado, here’s all the good stuff we’ve published since the last newsletter, starting from the oldest on Nov. 27 and continuing through today. Enjoy!

From observer of society and sister from another planet LucianG
Kindred Adoption

From music and evolutionary biology geek Alan Tabor
A Hero’s Journey: Trans(personal) Psychology

From new contributor and worker advocate Nicole Froio
The Kellogg’s Strike is a Feminist Issue

From singer, book reviewer, and political comentator G.L.Vyvyan
Favourite books of 2021
Why Are Men so Rude?

So that’s it. Enough good reading material to keep you busy until the next newsletter. And for more of the good stuff, visit Fourth Wave, where we’re changing the world for the better, one story at a time. Got one your own? Submit to the Wave! Our community is growing — we just passed 1,000 followers!— and we’re glad you’re here.

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