Wild Child

By Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh

Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh
Mar 2 · 1 min read

you’ve been waiting
waiting for tomorrow
but it can’t come
for today is not pregnant
today is still young

you’ve been chasing
chasing headless shadows
but they themselves
don’t know where to go
you’re following ghosts
ghosts that follow those
who don’t know who to follow


you are lost, wild child
yes, I know you are lost
but don’t follow me
oh don’t you follow me
for am also lost

Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh is a Nigerian poet whose work has appeared in Tuck, Matador Review, Down in the Dirt, Chelsea Review, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter @Stephenecdotes. For more by Stephen and others, follow Fourth Wave.

Fourth Wave

Jamming the Frequency

Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh

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Life is too big not to write about it

Fourth Wave

Jamming the Frequency

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