Beacons have made our work life better. We use FoxDen Connect, our own video collaboration platform, internally for daily and weekly stand up meetings. With the FoxDen app, any one of us can quickly start a meeting once we are in the vicinity of a FoxDen Connect which has beacon technology and is connected to a TV.

FoxDen Connect Starts Meetings Quickly

Connecting to FoxDen
Two touches and our meeting starts and does not require us to plug in a dongle or cord. It’s wireless and team members can quickly share the Jira board (which is the tool we use to manage our development work) whether they are in the office or remote. This saves countless minutes for us everyday and every week and meetings get started on time. It’s great because our team is not always in the office. One of our team members is working from Europe and on any given day a few are working remote, so we get to see each other and everyone feels like they are part of daily stand-ups.

Want to learn more about beacon technology and how it’s changing the way we work? Check out this TechCrunch article written by our very own David Chao, “5 Ways Beacons are Transforming the Enterprise” or check out FoxDen Connect for your team. Quit messing around with technology and start meetings on time with FoxDen.