Why Tech Tours Are Awesome

Wouldn’t it be great if technology and learning new information came to you? If you’re in the tech field, wouldn’t it be nice to be supported and hear what’s new and innovative as well as share your own thoughts? And if you’re a business leader, wouldn’t you want to hear about what’s happening locally, especially to help businesses just like yours?

It’s happening, at least in Colorado.

The Colorado Technology Association — a nonprofit — is hosting a tech tour across Colorado. They want to share the amazing technology innovations happening here in the state of the Rocky Mountains. And they want to provide a glimpse into how Colorado is becoming one of the major tech hubs in the United States. Look out Silicon Valley!

Colorado means tech business

Business growth here in Colorado has increased, especially in the technology sector. And people from across the U.S. are flocking to our state to join in.

CTA tech tour

Colorado is a great place for tech startups. According to Nerd Wallet, Colorado has two cities in the top 10 for startup technology and innovation: Ft. Collins and Boulder. Only two East Coast cities made the list, and no other state has more than one city named.

Colorado has some serious strengths that make the state a tech player. VentureBeat.com even compares Denver to the Silicon Valley. It’s strength in innovation and support among tech companies is overwhelming, only missing a juggernaut in the tech world (like an Apple or a Google). Mashable lists some of the state’s strengths more highly than San Jose or San Francisco. Cost of living is lower, and Denver still has a good talent pool, lots of resources and workspaces, and an enviable lifestyle.

The Denver-metro area in particular is one of the largest growing populations and one of the hottest housing markets in the U.S. Many believe that Colorado is luring people away from other tech hubs, including Silicon Valley.

A number of tech giants have a presence in Colorado — like IBM, Oracle, Avaya, Lockheed Martin, and Google. Level 3 is headquartered in Colorado, too. And many smaller tech companies are listed among the best like SendGrid and — humbly we add — ReadyTalk.

Just in a year, Colorado has added more than 5,000 jobs in the tech sector. As of 2015, it was listed as one of the top places for tech workers in the U.S.

Support our strengths

From VentureBeat.com to Mashable, they list the state’s tech strength as supporting each other. What better way than to join in on the tech discussion on the tour.

Learn a few things, too

While you’re at it, learn a few things whether you’re in the tech field or not. Especially learn how new and innovative technology can improve your business.

Join us

Check out the map where CTA is going to be and join us. The tour begins August 1 and ends August 5. ReadyTalk employees will be there … and we’re a proud sponsor.

Join us