La Redoute: a French Days winner

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The second edition of the French Days took place from September 28th to October 1st. As explained in our article about the event, the overall sales uplift was only 23% in the market. The operation’s result was globally disappointing, especially compared to Black Friday. But there are exceptions, such as La Redoute. Indeed, La Redoute, one of the event’s founders, benefited from the French Days both on the short term, recording a major sales increase, and on the long term, consolidating a long term asset, with a significant boost on their loyalty program “La Redoute & Moi”.

La Redoute played along with the French Days

La Redoute’s customers benefited from great discounts during the French Days. La Redoute promotion pressure has always been among the highest of the market. But during the Spring and Autumn French Days, respectively 98% and 99% of items were discounted.

La Redoute’s performance boosted during the French Days

La Redoute sales boost was greater than its competitors during both editions of the French Days. La Redoute increased its sales by 104% during the Spring edition, versus 35% for the whole market ¹, and by 75% during the September edition, versus 23% for the market. This resulted in increased market shares (after promotion) for La Redoute during the operation: from 3,3% to 5% during the Spring French Days, and from 3,5% to 5% during the Autumn edition ².

During both editions, the product category breakdown was different from before the French Days.

Categories such as Shoes & Bags, Clothing or Babies & Kids drove La Redoute’s performance, which was reflected in those categories’ market shares. In Shoes & Bags, La Redoute won +10 points of market share in the Spring edition of French Days and +7 points in the Autumn edition. On the contrary, during 2017 edition of Black Friday, La Redoute’s market share in Shoes & Bags had remained flat.

French Days are also a long-term bet for La Redoute

Indeed, the French Days boosted subscriptions to “La Redoute & Moi”, La Redoute’s loyalty program. During both editions of the French Days, there were more than 3 times more subscriptions to “La Redoute & moi” than on every other day, on the month before the operation.

And since La Redoute’s loyalty program is an efficient way for La Redoute to increase its members’ total spend, this boost in subscriptions is a long-term asset for the merchant. Indeed, in April 2018, “La Redoute & moi” members spent on average more than twice as much at La Redoute than other La Redoute’s customers.

In addition, customers participating in La Redoute French Days became more loyal to the website. Customers of the Spring edition spent a higher share of their online spending at La Redoute after the French Days (+ 4 points) ³.

La Redoute made the most of the French Days, unlike most of its competitors, turning the event into a great opportunity to connect with existing or potential additional customers.


(1): We considered Amazon, Darty, Fnac, La Redoute, PriceMinister, Sarenza, Showroom Privé

(2): The Spring French Days are compared to: March 26th 2018 to April 4th 2018 and the Autumn French Days are compared to: August 31st 2018 to September 9th 2018

(3): We compared the share of wallet five months strictly after the French Days and five months strictly before for customers who bought at least one item at La Redoute during the French Days.

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