Little Wins — the app.

Celebrating and sharing the small stuff.

I give myself a hard time.

A really hard time.

My work is never good enough, I don’t do things in the right way, I’ve messed up, I didn’t spend enough time, I didn’t get all the things done I meant to, I didn’t achieve, I didn’t win.

It’s very easy to focus on big items on the to-do list, and only validate ourselves when we hit the high standards we set for ourselves… But celebrating the small stuff matters just as much.

On leapers, we have a channel called #littlewins where we celebrate the small stuff, and it feels great. To share a little win, to congratulate others on their little win, just to see the many small steps towards doing and being.

So, we built a version that anyone can share their littlewins.

Because the small stuff matters.

You might not have won a big pitch, or finally handed in your masters dissertation, but every day will be full of little wins if you look for them.

Finishing that book you’ve taken ages to read. Throwing out that box of papers you didn’t need. Writing a blog post. Shipping your first product. Being thanked by someone. Taking some time to just breathe.

Little Wins is designed to help take a bit of time to celebrate the small stuff, and share with others what you’re up to.

Share your Little Win, or just read others’.

Edit: We’ve updated the app so that anyone can set up their own personal or organisational Little Wins. Just drop me a note if you’re keen to use it in some way, and I’ll get you access.


My aim in being an independant is to learn, and at the end of each mission, I’ll be aiming to gather constructive feedback from my teams, and curate one or two things I’d want to take forward into the next project.

  1. You don’t need to spend a great deal of time on a simple idea— This project took less than four hours to scheme, design, build and launch. I don’t doubt that there are plenty of bugs, improvements and enhancements it could benefit from — but they won’t add more than 20% on top of the simplicity of the concept. Build stuff and see how people react.


Extend the idea of ‘Little Wins’ from the Leapers Slack Channel to something more public and widely usable.


Self-Initiated Project.


  • Problem Identification
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Build

This is an overview of a recent project from Foxlark — an independent strategy and innovation practice. We help teams explore their future, and make it happen sooner. If you’re interested in working with us, please say hello.