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Announcing Our Partnership With Roambee: IoT Supply Chain & Asset Visibility

Fr8 Network is thrilled to announce our partnership with The Roambee Corporation to enhance the digitization of supply chains through improved track, trace and secure data exchange for logistics companies worldwide.

The Roambee Corporation is an Internet of Things (IoT) supply chain and enterprise asset visibility company, serving over 250 clients worldwide. Their fully integrated IoT condition monitoring solution tracks location & temperature, among other variables, and transmits real-time data directly to the cloud without the use of intermediary scanning devices. Roambee offers enhanced end-to-end visibility to improve their clients’ efficiency and security, increase service levels, reduce risk, and lower costs.

The Partnership

The Fr8 Network team is building the Fr8 Protocol and will unveil it with the help of our partners in three crucial phases: Track and Trace, Documentation Integration, and Marketplace Solutions.

Integrating with Roambee is an essential step in tackling our first public protocol for Track and Trace. Securely storing Roambee sensor data on the blockchain using the Fr8 Protocol’s Transit Data Interface and Notification Interface will allow their customers a new level of trust and visibility into the state of goods. This partnership offers Roambee sensor intelligence to anyone using the Fr8 Protocol and enables them to work with Roambee as their preferred IoT provider.

We are very excited to partner with Fr8 Network and look forward to a very successful future not only for two our companies but for our clients as well.” — Ed Winder, VP Assets and Solutions, Partners and Alliances for Roambee Corporation

At present, the supply chain and logistics industries are plagued by mostly manual and outdated systems for shipment and data management. Access to the status of a shipment often requires a phone call or larger firms to integrate into each unique company’s source system of those who handle their goods. Large corporations can afford to invest in Enterprise Resource Planning software, but even those investments don’t guarantee complete accurate insight and still require manual input.

IoT devices like those offered by Roambee can complete the picture of a shipment lifecycle. For goods like medicine and produce, real-time tracking and analytics are a legal requirement. This regulation puts pressure on companies to work with a subset of compliant service providers. The Fr8 Protocol combined with IoT devices like those issued by Roambee could open up the market to new providers of logistics services without additional risk.

Roambee is a key partnership for Fr8 Network at the protocol level,” Sloane Brakeville, CEO of Fr8 Network, explains. “In our journey towards a global solution for track and trace, we welcome innovative companies like Roambee to partner with us and incorporate our blockchain technology into their offering. This way, the globe can integrate to a single point for data instead of one for every partner in the supply chain.

About Roambee Corporation

The Roambee Corporation ( is a Silicon Valley company transforming supply chain logistics and asset management inside, outside, and in-transit for global enterprise. Founded in 2013, the company provides proprietary sensor, software, and cloud technology solutions to capture, deliver, report, analyze, and understand data worldwide.

With Roambee, customers gain greater control and visibility over their goods and assets, with real-time monitoring, alerts, and insights to help enterprises mitigate risk, improve operations, and be more profitable. In 2018, Roambee earned the Compass Intelligence “IoT Sensor Company of the Year” award, named an IDC Market Intelligence “Innovator,” and spotlighted by ABI Research for “Multi-Connectivity Asset Tracking.” Roambee is backed by Deutsche Telekom, MDI Ventures, and other Silicon Valley investors.




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