FR8 to Launch on LATOKEN Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sloane Brakeville
May 15 · 3 min read

Fr8 Network is excited to announce an upcoming listing of FR8 token on the popular cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN. Registered users of LATOKEN can trade FR8/BTC through LATOKEN’s exchange.

To sign up for the sale and begin depositing FR8 please visit

FR8 is an asset that gives Fr8 Network the ability to differentiate our offerings amongst competition. Particularly in US trucking, it can be challenging to drive adoption of new applications when the average driver’s age is 55.

Additionally, logistics is an industry that steadily strives to provide greater customer service on constantly lowering margins. At times these dual mandates are at odds, particularly if investing in technology requires an increase in the cost of their services.

Now that Fr8 Network can incorporate a token into workflows on our applications, we expect a “stickiness” factor unlike any other logistics applications.

Imagine you’re a truck driver looking to book a load using a digital marketplace. You’re exposed to a number of options these days, like using the traditional craigslist-like load boards or going through a digital brokerage like Uber Freight.

With the load board, you’re paying a subscription to access it. Even on months you don’t need it you still pay the monthly fee. You can book directly with a shipper on the load board, but odds are you’ll be booked by a broker who is going to negotiate in secret with a customer and could walk away with a 30% margin.

Uber Freight and similar marketplaces may publish the margin they are charging, and usually offer free access to the marketplace as a driver. While a definite improvement, that margin will still be significant and there’s nothing you can do as a driver to claw that back to yourself.

As Fr8 Network builds our tools, and ultimately a marketplace, the Fr8 Token is a way for drivers to:

  1. Receive a higher margin for their services,
  2. Get FR8 in exchange for providing great customer service,
  3. Promote their services and differentiate to possible customers, and
  4. Have a means of recourse against shippers with poor behavior.

These are just some of the ideas for how FR8 can be used in the ecosystem. Read up on the nuances in our token whitepaper. The reality is that the world of tokenized ecosystems are just beginning. Combining incentive economics, game theory, and real-world business needs is something companies simply aren’t doing.

We wish them luck…


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:

  • $200+ million daily turnover
  • 135,000+ registered traders
  • 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.

Disclaimer: FR8 Token does not constitute an investment. There are crypto coins or tokens in the market that either explicitly or implicitly are intended to have features characteristic of securities and that promise or that are intended to provide a return to investors in a manner comparable to the types of returns expected by equity investors. Our Token, however, is not such an investment. Our Token was created and exists in order to provide holders discounted access to services provided by Fr8 Network.

Fr8 Network

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