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The time has come to share the full vision of my $ASH project.

What makes the E.F.F. project so special is the origin story; this is a co-creative experience between my mind and the external world. Like the breathe of life the back and forth flow of information is what truly shapes and forms each thing that emerges… This allows me to release my creative expression to a community I resonate with and connect it to a grander idea I have been working on for years. As a creator, it feels good to release a creation that you are not only excited about but feel destined to release! The 18 items in the GENESIS release of E.F.F. all have special abilities. The initial three main components are:

  1. Creative Artistic Expression (Initial ART pieces)
  2. Producing & unlocking the next NEW creation (Music, ART, Fashion)
  3. a KEY to winning future creations (Verified access to Partners, New NFT releases and FREE DROPS!)

These CORE abilities are a consistent theme to how I will release & create digital collectibles. My background in music, film, fashion, and abstract art; has allowed me to see what is truly needed to thrive in life, and now you all get to peek into the window. “A WINDOW 2 FRACTALVERSE PT.1” collection is a successful proof of concept that I can now build upon.


By building alongside the Fomoverse community, I have found a place of acceptance. We share various commonalities that have sparked an exponential echo in space & time. I have built a few elements that can now merge.

At the CORE of what I do, human expression is the pinnacle of value. Whether is creating a blockchain & coin to programming self-aware algorithms. Currently, all societal & cultural value stems from human consciousness; there is much more to this ideology, but we will not venture there yet. I continue to add value to any community I am a part of and any collectors that share my vision.

For me creating is effortless; being able to do what I love is truly heaven on earth each day! The blockchain industry has curated a global community, which is one of the greatest values in this industry. My awareness has allowed me to synthesize three main abilities that I can use as sources of creation. As they EMERGE, I get to witness the greatness alongside the audience.

The creative PILLARS will lead the charge for digital items that are presented & available to COLLECT or WIN.

Proof of Concept

The 1st community I gravitated towards was ENJIN. Blockchain & games work well together and it’s fun to learn with these two mediums. Shortly after I minted my 1st NFT I wanted to reward the community for all its support! I airdropped 1k DIGITAL HEARTS with 5 $ENJ reserved.

A few are for sale now and a few have been melted… But I will incorporate this NFT “mid-soon”. Alongside this $ADORs token was created to hire creatives and buy NFTs; I also released a generative “CHIC-A-DEE” collection with Ownerfy and have a few more amazing releases on the horizon.

All this has led to the experience I can continue to provide in the Fomoverse and BEYOND. I can now say the current snapshot of supporters and collectors will benefit from everything being born now. New comers are late, but you still are early to not miss out!


Tezos has a wonderful NFT community that The NFT BUNNY & KB The NFT Queen told me to pay close attention to! I have found numerous incredible creatives and have a few things to share. First up; DOS PUNKS FOMOCHROME DROP. This is a FREE DROP for all supporters to this date! (Snapshot taken 1/7/22)


The next few FREE Drops will be randomly released to early and current supports.


Free Drop for ‘f’-holders and bitsavage collectors — (Fill out Form —


SAFELIST — verified access to NFT releases

Free Drops — certain NFT holders will be eligible for more free drop


UNLOCK NFT collections

Events — Real-world events with NFT access

Partner Perks

E.F.F vol 1. — Creative Pillars

Each 1of1 will release to establish the foundation of the collection…


The 1st FOMO mixtape is EMERGING, so far a RAW mixtape has revealed itself… More info coming “mid-soon”


The 1st CODED generative collection is coming… (Supply 33, Price 3 $ASH, released…? Join discord for more info)


‘fomo’-hoodie release: Free Drop for ‘f’ holders and Bitsavage collectors.


“A WINDOW 2 FRACTALVERSE PT.2” will roll out AFTER-DAWN mechanics are revealed. (mechanics coming soon)




OM-Bit 1st $ASH project. The Stage has been set by ‘f’ holders, pak and $ash supporters. Let the games begin; dont miss out!

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