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ASH GAME: Emerge From FractalVerse

Fractional Disclosure…

It is with great pleasure to release a fun and meaningful project with the #weacceptash community! pak has started something incredible when the ‘f’ FREE CLAIM drop occurred in 2021. What makes this group so special is the unknown “Parcel Partnership” they have with pak. Its existence has opened the gates to co-create a “FOMOVERSE” with pak. One of the major perks is a dedicated private chat in pak’s discord server. Here is where trusted bonds and friendship are born! Many ‘f’ holders have stepped up to BUIDL the Fomoverse and add value to the community. OM-BITSAVAGE has even released multiple “FREE DROPs” for ‘f’ holders to claim.

As things are being built, anticipation for a NFT platform with $ASH as the epicenter is on the horizon! The #weacceptash movement is an extension of pak and the Fomoverse being created. Many moving parts and many individuals providing valuable ALHPA, for an inclusive online community to thrive in. Once the #weacceptash chat room opened in pak’s discord, a few internal flames were sparked to create and collect exclusively with $ASH.

A short back story on $ASH is its relationship to buring pak nfts. There is a bonding curve correlation; a NFT is given a tier and the owner can burn the nft to receive $ASH. Pak nfts are top tier, this means you can burn a pak nft and receive the maximum amount of $ASH set for this tier. As more nfts are burned the bonding curve kicks in a less $ASH is receive after each burn… Planned obsolescence as pak would say.

Pak created a currency that everyone had to initially burn in order to receive; Even pak had to earn $ASH. Now that $ASH is out in the wild its purpose to provide value and obtain nfts is at the forefront. This reason paired with the amazing ‘f’ and $ASH community is the sole reason I felt safe enough to EMERGE FROM FRACTALVERSE.

What makes the E.F.F project so special is the connection to a grander idea I have been working on for years. As a creator, it feels good to release a creation that you are not only excited about but feel destined to release! The 18 items in the GENESIS release for E.F.F. all have special abilities. The initial three main components are:

  1. Creative Artistic Expression (Initial ART piece)
  2. Producing & unlocking the next creation (NFT stories, Music, ART…)
  3. a KEY to winning future creations (Verified access to nft releases and FREE DROPS!)

These CORE abilities are a consistent theme to how I create digital collectibles. My background in film, fashion, and abstract art; it has allowed me to see what is truly needed to thrive in life and now you all get to peek into the window. The “Welcome 2 Fractalverse” collection is a successful proof of concept. Now the template can be revealed for all to innerstand and participate.


  1. Win NFTs, badges, and more by using a FOMOTAR-I.O. (Fomovian or F-oid)
  2. Power up your FOMOTAR-I.O. — Limited Releases for “POWERUP” items: “All Welcome 2 Fractalverse items are power-ups. (only two more “POWERUP” collections left to release, chic-a-dees & the cash cows also.)
  3. Obtain a keyFORCE to PLAY/Enter the MAIN EVENT!






Once three TEAMS have a minimum of three players and each has a KEY the MAIN EVENT starts; this is the “GeneSEASON”. Currently, this will be STATS-based gameplay. This simply means the player with the best stats and power-ups will always win the top prize. First location will be “Fractalverse”, once a team wins they will get HOME advantage for the next game! There will be three seasons

But there will be a TWIST “ASH-GAME”

There will be three seasons with main events; the 1st one starts in a few days.


The prize has a unique setup, (PRIZE = 1NFT + $ASH POT). This means the Fomotario that wins will receive a 1of1 NFT & a small $ash pot!

Remember, The Main Event requires minimum of three participants with all necessary items to trigger the mechanism after dawn.

To add an element of surprise the Prize NFT will be revealed and listed. which means a collector can purchase the prize. If the main prize is purchased then the winners of the main event will receive a limited edition NFT & the $ASH pot.

What will the price of the prize nft be worth? Well here is a simple equation used to determine the initial value: (nFomotarios x $ASH pot = price)

So, if 3 owners each have a key x (9 $ASH POT) = 27 $ASH price for 1of1 NFT. (some events could have a pak nft!)

aKEY: (coming — “Mid-SOON”)

To obtain a key you must become a key hunter; you can get this role by joining the ADOR discord and verifying your account. Only three keys will be available before the main events start. Clues will be given with directions to obtain a key (may be a specific amout of $ash to offer for purchase)

This is the 1st stage of the After Dawn Mechanics, more may be added later. Once everyone is familiar with this; A WINDOW 2 FRACTALVERSE PT. 2 will be…


The best strategy is to grab a FOMOTAR-I.O. and booster bundle and Fractalverse nft in order to have the best chance to win the top nft prize & $ash pot!




OM-Bit 1st $ASH project. The Stage has been set by ‘f’ holders, pak and $ash supporters. Let the games begin; dont miss out!

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