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When it comes to building value, I champion a multi-pronged approach! Here is a list of things that has added awareness and value to the $ash community!

There are numerous creators, collectors & community member doing tremendous deeds to bring value to the $ash ecosystem, like @chankfonts who created a custom font for the $ash community! @Pak has set a solid foundation with marvelous momentum and encourages other to build alongside pak. Here is what I have contributed to #weacceptash…

Welcome to the #fomoverse.

Pak released a “FREE CLAIM” NFT, ‘f’ with no solid plans or roadmap… A dedicated discord room was created and this is where many worlds MERGED.

Yes it was mentally taxing to get one of these rare NFTs, but many of the true supporters do not have their fomo for sale. What came next was the blossoming of community. In ‘f’ a fun & supportive crypto community spawned. As a creator, I felt the urge to share my talents and pour value into this world. I mostly come from abundance, like nature my thoughts and skills are freely accessible. I now curate where I focus my attention and energy, who knows maybe I will shower my light upon the world like the sun; cleanse this intensely charged society like the rain or infused the essential building blocks of growth like the soil we walk on…

My $ASH Inception: I was empowered to create a collection last year that came from the spark of pak’s ‘f’ release:

This collection is a derivative variation of the 1st 3D NFT I created in blender:

A few days later I created a NFT collection in direct respone to the ‘f’ community:

And shortly after I released the 1st interactive social media ‘f’episode:

As the fomoverse expanded I watched for places that aligned with me. The 1st was Austin Fomo Radio. He provides weekly shows that allow ‘f’-holders to share more about themselves. And in the spirit of value and co-creation I designed a Sax to “FREE DROP” to active ‘f’-holders.

After pak announced a #weacceptASH chat room to support $ASH creators, I released a few VARIANT FOMO SAXs & “BEYOND-META” NFTs for $ASH ONLY!

I used $ASH to collect other $ASH creators & LP on UNISWAP. I also aim to host events (Hosted By The LW NFT CLUB).

And finally this led to the EMERGENCE of my 1st $ASH project: “FRACTALVERSE”

This project has multi-layered elements:

This is the 1st window that has opened and created the foundation for what’s to come!

PT.1 — Various items, creations, and events have happened to allow the “FRACTALVERSE” to EMERGE and interact with the “FOMOVERSE”. As these items mature, more abilities and features will be revealed…


PT.2 — A powerful event will produce “EMERGEmints” these items will spawn from a single event and have the ability to create something new. FEW will exist, will you be able to hold on to one?

This will set the scene for the fomotars to be able to “EMERGE FROM FRACTALVERSE”


WIN NFTS, get REP badges & trophies

Fomotars RISE AfterDawn, and try to reach BEYOND META SPEED. Currently 2468 “Fomotar-i.o.s” are in between worlds… They need a spark of creation to see their full potential. Winners earn LEADERBOARD NFTs, this is a game


A gamified way to collect. Fomotars and other will go against each other to win big!

Emergemints will be the keys to activation. After this final event, “STORY MODE” will be enabled. A multi-dimension NFT story series will unfold. Early Collectors will benefit greatly, as this unfolds!

STORY SNEAK PEAK: Fomotari — “ALPHAGEN” (1 of 1)

This Fomotar is truly FED-up with the current social experiment. The bouquet of flowers represents the old & traditional paradigm being thrown out; ready to be transformed into something new and beautiful that resonates. (this is a rare 1 of 1 nft story)

*”Welcome 2 Fractalverse” collectors are eligible for a Free Claim TWIST now. (if you get a booster pak, you have one chance to customize your FOMOTAR!)

I value most is the connection to others that echo beyond-meta space and time…

I have to say nature is my greatest teacher and in this spirit, I plant great seeds a few of them are coming to fruition like MERGING of DOS PUNKS & FOMOVERSE:

The 1st 3D DOS PUNK for $ASH

Extending $ASH & Fomoverse





OM-Bit 1st $ASH project. The Stage has been set by ‘f’ holders, pak and $ash supporters. Let the games begin; dont miss out!

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