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6 min readNov 12, 2021


gm Fractional Fam! ☕🌅

The rumors are true, and we’re here to provide you with a quick rundown on the big UI/UX changes and ERC-1155 fractions live on Fractional!

Since launch, we’ve had our heads down building out new features and designs which we’re excited to announce are now in production.🥳

We’ve listened very closely to the feedback you’ve been sharing with us across our thriving community channels, and your feedback is at the core of how we decided to design and prioritize the new features in this update.

But wait… this isn’t even our final form! As a call to action following this update, if you have more feedback or ways we can improve, please drop us a note here!

So without further ado, let’s hop into the design updates!

The Vault Page Makeover

The first refresh we’re going to highlight is for the vault page. We’ve had many questions and suggestions around clearer reserve prices, info about fraction owners, and better visibility of the NFT(s) in vaults.

You can view a screenshot of the new vault page below. To highlight a few key updates, you’ll notice we have now:

  1. Added a scrollable carousel to view the NFT(s) in the vault and allow you to quickly cycle through them. There is also an Inside The Vault button which can take you to a more detailed grid view of the vault’s contents.
  2. Added an activity feed that shows reserve change votes, bids, buyouts, etc.
  3. Added top 10 vault owners list. We also added the number of unique owners to the vault’s stats page.
Fractional Vault Page

We created a new auction tab on the vault page that reveals two key pieces of information which were previously obscured:

  1. The percentage of total tokens with an active reserve price vote is now visible via a grey circle which gains a green outline as more people vote.
  2. You can now see your latest set reserve price vote (if applicable)
Fractional Auction Tab on Vault Page

Lastly, we’ve added some token stats. This section allows users to get insight into the fraction collecting activity, TVL, liquidity, and fees for the vault.

Fractional Token Stats on Vault Page

The Profile Page Makeover

The next refresh to highlight is for the profile page. We recognized that the previous profile page would benefit from some additional key information our users in the community cared about.

You can view a sample screenshot of the new profile page below. To highlight a few key updates, you’ll notice we have now:

  1. Cleaned up how bio/social links are displayed
  2. Added an “owns art from” section
  3. Added a total collection value metric, along with # of vaults, so that collectors can get a rough sense of what is in their collection
  4. Placed the On Sale / Collectables / Active Bids / Past bids navigation tabs on the center of the page
  5. Added ownership % of the vault on the displayed vaults.
Fractional Profile Page

The Explore Page Makeover

Another section we’re highlighting is the explore page. Your feedback let us know what kinds of robust filter/sort features you were looking for and so we’ve added new options to improve your vault search and navigation abilities.

  1. Added the ability to sort by verified vaults (By far the most requested feature for this page)
  2. Added a valuation-range slider to fine-tune vault results
  3. Added a collections section for users to ensure they’re only viewing verified works of certain collections, such as Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, Art Blocks, etc.
Fractional Explore Page

The Collection Page Makeover

Another section we’re highlighting is the collections page. This area is crucial for users to see all of the vaults that include certain collections, as well as data on all of the NFTs from certain collections aggregated in one dashboard.

The first part of the collections page makeover is the vault page for collections. On this page, users will be able to sort specific collections (like the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection below) just like they’re on the explore page.

  1. Added stats for collections such as floor price, # of vaults, owners, etc.
  2. Added three pages total for collections. Vaults show the vaults which include NFTs from the collection. Statistics show aggregated data from the collection. Analysis shows the profile of the collection.
  3. Added the sort/filter options for collections
Fractional Collections Page

ERC-1155 Fractions Addition

We saved the best news for last! The ERC-1155 fractions are finally live. 🥳

Users will now have the option to fractionalize their NFT vaults into either ERC-20s or ERC-1155s. Prior to this update, users could only use ERC-20 fractions.

ERC-1155 fractions allow users to trade their fractions on NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible, rather than rely on providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap. This also saves vault creators from the $1000+ transaction fee of setting up a liquidity pool for the first time.

ERC-1155s are also usable in virtual galleries like OnCyber!

To create ERC-1155 fractions, users will have to select the “Create new NFTs (ERC-1155)” option in the fractionalize menu.

Choose Fractionalization Method

After clicking continue, users will see the following webpage.

  1. Select the NFT(s) you’d like to Fractionalize into ERC-1155s.
  2. Click Continue to start the Fractionalization process.
Fractionalize NFT(s) into ERC-1155s

After clicking Continue, you’ll see the following menu pop-up. You’ll have to:

  1. Mint the basket.
  2. Approve the vault.
  3. Transfer the NFT(s) into the vault.
  4. Fractionalize the vault into ERC-1155s.
Fractionalize Transaction Flow

After you fractionalize the vault, you’ll have the ERC-1155 fractions in your wallet and you can now send them to friends, display them in your galleries, and list them on Opensea!

We hope you enjoy this new UI refresh and the ability to create ERC-1155 fractions! If you have any questions or additional feedback, please join us in Discord and add + vote on feedback here

A special thank you to all of the community members who voted and provided feedback on our Feedback and Feature Requests form, especially the ones below! We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your help 🙌

  • Darkbluechain
  • Changlu
  • Youth
  • Kevin Rose
  • DuckyC137
  • Barbererrick_
  • 0xBisBis
  • SebastianM
  • Crashb87
  • Arrahatteck
  • Videogamefreak | VGF
  • WasabiBoatResearch
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  • Steveklebanoff

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