’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

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2 min readDec 10, 2021


Q: Does Fractional support Matic or Solana or Flow?

A: Currently only the Ethereum blockchain is supported.

Q: Do I get airdrops or additional utility if I own fractions?

A: There are no plans on the roadmap for this. Additional utility is up to the curator / vault owner who fractionalized the vault originally and the leaders of the respective NFT’s community.

Q: Who is the custodian of a vault?

A: The custodian is simply the smart contract itself, the underlying NFTs are not hosted on any centralized databases (i.e. vaults are on decentralized, audited smart contracts.)

Q: I have a suggestion or bug that I want to report!

A: We would love to hear your contributions! Please use the link below to offer feedback and upvote on other suggestions:

Q: Are there private channels / communities for certain fraction owners?

A: Yes there are some! Make sure to verify your ownership of the token in the ownership-verification channel to check if any fractions you own grant you access.

Q: I got a DM from a mod or a server owner!

A: We will never DM you first. That is likely a scammer and you can report them to mods in Discord.

Q: Can I add NFTs to a basket after creating a vault?

A: If the vault has 2+ NFTs at creation, it actually uses an NFT basket which can be added to. If the vault has 1 NFT, a basket hasn’t been created.

Q: Wen token? Wen private sale?

A: There is currently no token or airdrop. There is no private sale.

Q: How do I migrate the Fractional POAP to be viewable on OpenSea?

A: -> Migrate POAP button

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