A Note to a Now Empty Heart

[Originally Posted in January 12, 2016]

I just want you know that I love you even until now. Your words still ringing in my memory and your face still keeping me alive. My moments with you are like every breath I take and the hopes of meeting you is like a thread that no one can break.

It’s like a flashback that never happened. A song that was never sung. A story that was never written. I wish to feel the moment when I can finally say that my heart is healed and at peace.

While people think of the heaven from above, the only heaven I can think about is you.

It’s not for certain when my heart will ever heal and my soul be completely whole. I will remain an unfinished puzzle waiting for you to put me back and tell me that I’m worthy enough to live and love again.

For now, you will and forevermore be a fragment of my broken heart. I hope to see you again at least in my dreams.

Till here and till then. Thank you.