“Wake Up and Start Living”

To the people who are going through tough times right now (e.g. depression, break-ups, destroyed friendships, pressure, and the related).

Take it from someone who has been through two relationships that didn’t go well and two painful friendship betrayals that left me as cold as ice: Keep moving. Because you don’t know what you’re missing in life. I know it’s going to be very hard catching up (I have been there) because a part of you has been taken away.

But it gets better.

You can cry all you like, you can sulk in a corner, you can run away — but you deserve to be happy. You have the right to be happy. Wipe those tears. Get up and get going. Meet a new friend, get a job, get a new hobby, put a little prayer in your heart, sing a song, sketch an artwork, write a story, travel far, make bridges for other people, hug someone, play a game, widen your connections, change your perspectives, change the way you treat other people. Just imagine how many seconds, minutes, and hours that you have wasted by just being there wallowing in self-pity.

Everything happens for a reason and there’s a purpose why you are put in this particular situation where you feel like ending your life for good. Don’t pressure yourself minding about your yesterdays and worrying about your tomorrows. What matters is now.

Wake up and Start Living.

Don’t worry. Trust me. It gets better.

[Note: Art by Dan Kim]

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