First Female to Visit Every Country on Earth

Peter Iliev
Jan 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Adventurer Cassandra De Pecol is a woman on a mission. While the 27-year-old was raised in Connecticut and now calls California home, she has dedicated the last 15 months to wandering around the world as a “global citizen” and an advocate for peace.

She has visited an astounding 181 countries, and is eager to check all 196 off of her list — a feat that would make her the first female, youngest American, and fastest individual to do so. Deemed Expedition 196, this passion project exhibits De Pecol’s empowering jet-setting journey.

With only 15 countries and less than 40 days to go, De Pecol is in the homestretch of her project. As Expedition 196 comes to a close, be sure to keep up with her through her uplifting Instagram and her travel-inspired Twitter!

Original story was posted on MyModrenMet.

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