Introducing FrameNinja

Once upon a time…

When I was a streamer, I was faced with a complete lack of useful tools for broadcasting to allow me to do what I wanted. As it turned out, the only thing I could do was get notifications about new donations and subscribers with a “funny” GIF.

The only thing I can do is choose my own GIF

It has been almost 2 years since, but the problems remain so far. I still feel pain when I have to do simple things. But what’s scarier is that other streamers (more than 2 million) and their viewers (more than 50 million) experience the same thing, and it continues to this day.

Quality is Pain

The quality issue is key to the entire streaming industry. But this issue is hiding deep inside another problem, namely the problem of control. Honestly, it is impossible to achieve “good quality” without a tool that would allow to control and create things. To better understand what I mean, let’s look at a simple example.

Let’s imagine that you want to hold a session of Q&A, and let your audience know when. It is enough to make a beautiful timer with animation, like this:

But let’s try to figure out that this is impossible, literally 😤

Or imagine that we want to make an interaction with the chat. Very often I’m creating giveaways. And the only way to tell my viewers about it was to write a direct text on the screen. But my dream is to make a “live” interaction. I mean, when someone writes in a chat “hey, what about the giveaway?”, on the screen with a beautiful transition, I want to show all the necessary information (automatically), just like that:

But to create this, I need to complete a 2-year accelerated programming course 😒

I can continue this list for a very long time, so I suggest you read the article “Bad Stream to Good Stream”, where I describe all the most important problems in modern streaming comprehensively.

Introducing FrameNinja

Dramatic drum roll… Taking all of this into account, my co-founder, Anton Kosykh, and I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for a big change. So we are glad to present you FrameNinja.

FrameNinja is that completely re-thought way of streaming which is currently in Pre-Release. We bring together essential tools to powerful control and infinite customization in one place, so broadcasters can design a wonderful stream and rule it with the billion options we have available so far.

Our mission was to create a tool where streamers can:

  1. Make Unique Content. We give streamers “brushes” and “paints” so they create legendary things. No limit.
  2. Save Time. The most important goal that we pursue when developing, make our application as easy as possible. Low entry barrier.
  3. Interact With Viewers. When you are not limited to only a few functions, you can easily and clearly interact with your own viewers and soon-to-be subscribers.
One of the main sections is called Chains

What makes us different?

In a typical streaming tool, you are limited in possibilities, because they are focused on ready-made elements instead of creating them. Those who really want to be creative end up having to use dozens of different platforms, bots, and add-ons to achieve their goal. However, even though it is possible to reach the goal of creativity, it is still out of reach of most people.

So, why should you switch to FrameNinja?

  1. Ease of Use. Extremely easy to use in comparison to the alternatives. No Code Required.
  2. Complete Control. The ability to control makes stream deeper and more meaningful for viewers.
  3. Easily Scalable. The key component of our app is scalability with numerous new integrations and functions. 
     — For example, Twitter

Future is Progress

We’re at the initial stage of our journey. To be the best app ever for streaming, we have to go through a lot of difficulties and obstacles. If we interpret our main goal for the future, it would sound like, “Become the standard in the market. Break down barriers to quality, uniqueness, and creativity“.

Despite such loud statements, we’re ready to prove it. Very soon we’ll please you with completely insane, unusual, and new new content that will change the industry once and for all.

Team is Family

I’m passionately proud of my team. Each, without exception, is important and we would not have achieved our goals without the help and diligence of every team member. We each have an incredibly extensive experience, which we hope to spend on building a high-end performance streaming tool.

On our team, you will find developers, designers, marketers, advisors, and illustrators, but the one thing that unites us all is that we all love to watch streams — like every day.

We’re teamed up for one reason: to create a fascinating and exciting future for the entire streaming industry.

So, please draw your attention to our team:

Learn more about us here

One of the key members who has joined our team because he believed us just by seeing our idea on paper is Dmitry Lu, an angel investor based in San Francisco who has become not just our first investor, but also our good friend and irreplaceable advisor. I’ve no words to express my gratitude 😊

Being a Ninja is Cool

We’re always looking for new creative and inventive team members to build the future of the streaming industry. Being a ninja means being part of a huge family of the most loyal and insistent developers, designers, streamers, and just talented people.

Try FrameNinja for Free here. Want to become a part of the ninja squad? Just email us at or reach us via our Discord. No matter what you can do for us, we’ll be happy to welcome everyone.

Best regards,

Phil Murphy
CEO at FrameNinja

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