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Can you compose thoughtful reviews and intelligent features on the subject of Film & Television? We’re always looking for new talent, so why not contribute to Frame Rated?

Dan Owen
Dan Owen
Nov 26, 2016 · 5 min read

If you have a Medium account:

  • Write or import your content.
  • Follow Medium’s Style Sheet to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation (we insist on British English, not American English). This post will help you create lists, embed content, and add images.
  • There’s no requirement to add images because we can do that, but if you DO please ensure they are high quality (1000 pixels wide minimum). Try and make any ‘featured image’ 1500px wide. IMDb and TMDb are good sources. We reserve the right to add or remove images to your work.
  • Remember to cite sources directly using hyperlinks. The same goes for images using captions — if said images aren’t marketing material freely available online. Making an image’s copyright clear with a © credit beneath is also appreciated.
  • Proofread! There’s nothing more frustrating for an Editor to have to correct poor grammar and misspellings. Everyone has free access to spell-checkers nowadays, so there’s no excuse. It’s also a good idea to check the ‘readability’ of your piece by running it through this site.

If you HAVE a Medium account:

  • Follow these instructions to ‘Share a Draft’ with us.
  • If your work is accepted you’ll be added as a ‘writer’ for the site.
  • As an approved writer, you can submit your work by clicking ‘ then ‘Add to publication’, as outlined here.
  • We will edit submissions to correct silly mistakes, mostly to ensure it fits the style and format of the site. After approving major changes with you (check e-mails or private notes!), your submission will be scheduled for publishing.

If you DON’T have a Medium account:

  • Just e-mail us your work, after fact-checking everything and proofing for spelling and grammar (British standard).
  • Please be aware that because you don’t have a user profile on Medium, your work will be added using our generic Frame Rated Staff account. However, you’ll be credited within this post, so let me know if you want your credit linked to a particular website, blog, or social media page.

We DON’T own the work you submit, so you can remove it whenever you want, for whatever reason. We hope you’ll contact us to discuss your decision-making before taking that step, as it’s only polite if we’ve had input on the finished article, and we may be able to work things out.

While your work is hosted on Frame Rated, you agree to let it be used for marketing purposes, which is a mutually beneficial promotion for the site and yourself.

We may add bespoke graphics and logos, or links to other site content within your article, to encourage readers to recommend and share your work and other relevant content. Writing imported material into Medium from an external source will automatically include the following footer: Originally published at [link to your site or blog].

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Payment & Medium’s Partner Program

We can’t pay for submissions, but we’re enrolled on Medium’s Partner Program (PP). This means selected content can be “locked” behind a metered paywall and only guaranteed access by:

  • Medium members”. Subscribers who pay $5 per month for this exclusive content and other extra privileges).
  • Anyone sent a “Friend Link” to access a particular post without requiring a Medium subscription.
  • Anyone accessing an article through Twitter.

This means authors are financially rewarded every calendar month based on Medium member’s engagement with their article (i.e. the number of page hits and reads, plus the number of ‘claps’ accrued from $5 subscribers).

If extensive editing takes place on your work, or you were given constructive feedback that improved your work, a fee of 10% will be deducted from the total amount your submission makes once it’s transferred into the site Owner’s bank account each month.

This money helps pay the administrative costs of hosting, together with the work involved with the aforementioned editing or feedback, together with efforts promoting your work on social media.

To enable the payment of an author’s earnings (the remaining 90%), we need your PayPal¹ or bank details, to enable a wire transfer — whichever is preferable, although PayPal is best because it’s easier. Payment will occur days after the money is paid to the Owner each month.

¹ PayPal and bank transfers incur an additional processing fee by that site and/or a currency conversion fee, but only for writers outside of the UK (where the Owner resides and makes payments from). The Owner will add this expense to their 10% cut.

Regular Contributions:

While payment isn’t guaranteed because it relies entirely on paying members clicking and sharing your work, as a regular contributor there are perks:

  • Copy discs for review; posted to your home address or sometimes accessible through online streaming with an account and password. Let us know if you can’t play 4K Ultra HD or Blu-rays. [UK focused, but there are some options for US contributors.]
  • Press screening invites, mostly in the central London area for film and TV premieres. These sometimes include audience Q&As with cast and crew or the chance for “roundtable” interviews afterwards. [UK only.]
  • Interview filmmakers and actors, either in person as part of an aforementioned press screening event, or sometimes via phone or video-call. [UK focused.]
  • Attend film festivals with press accreditation, which sometimes means a discounted enrolment fee and additional perks. [UK only.]
  • Feedback and guidance to improve your writing, develop your talent, and sharpen your administrative skills (working to a deadline and brief).

Frame Rated

‘Your Entertainment, Our Reviews’. A publication focused on Film & Television reviews, features, essays, retrospectives, and think-pieces.

Dan Owen

Written by

Dan Owen

Freelance writer, addicted to film, raised by TV • Twitter @danowen79. E-mail: for work stuff.

Frame Rated

‘Your Entertainment, Our Reviews’. A publication focused on Film & Television reviews, features, essays, retrospectives, and think-pieces.

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