Framework Venture Partners — Our Guiding Principles

Photo: Framework Venture Partners

Framework Venture Partners exists to help build world-class companies. This is what drives us to go to bat for our entrepreneurs every single day.

Innovation, capital, and value-add are common words in the venture capital industry. They’ve become a common vernacular — words that investors often use, but don’t truly believe. At Framework, these values are core to our organization and we’ve combined them into a unique growth framework that we use to empower our companies.

Armed with data, we believe that combining a consultative process with an operational, hands-on approach brings something unique to the market. We encourage our entrepreneurs to truly understand their unit economics while providing tools and support to scale great teams.

There are many great and world class funds in North America so what makes us really and truly different?

1) We start with the entrepreneur
We believe that talent is the basis of all successful technology companies. We see talent enhancement as Framework’s core value-add. The right coaching, mentorship and, frankly, assistance at the right time means we are often there when others are not. When times get tough — and they almost always do — we empathize with our companies (as entrepreneurs ourselves) and don’t get discouraged. Instead, we roll-up our sleeves to help find solutions.

2) We believe in honesty
The truth can often be a hard thing to hear. But true partnerships are born in honesty. This means we let the data speak for itself, but it also means we express opinions that can sometimes be unpopular. Our commitment to our entrepreneurs is that we will always say what needs to be said, regardless of the circumstances and just as importantly — we will listen — to hear what needs to be heard. We leverage our more than 35 years of experience in the industry and our international networks for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

3) We believe in operational excellence guided by data 
Our due diligence process can often appear like a lot of work. But we believe that the better we know your business, the more we can help and the more targeted our advice. This means if you ever need our help, we can be on site and up-to-speed immediately, speaking in specifics and helping design experiments and sharing best practices that can work for your business.

4) Our LPs are our strategic partners
We work with our LPs closely because, when it fits, we try to see if we can make a partner of ours into a partner of yours. With capital commitments from BDC Capital, Cadillac Fairview, Royal Bank of Canada and the BC Tech Fund managed by Kensington Capital, we leverage our LPs’ relevant operational experience, while also sharing this with our entrepreneurs to use in their own businesses.

Venture investing is a partnership and we can’t wait to be your partner. There will be ups and there will be downs. There will be times when the market seems constantly in your favor and there will be times when the puck doesn’t seem to bounce your way. We promise to act as the pragmatic and optimistic partner that stays true to our guiding principles, walking (or more likely running) alongside you on your journey. We’re excited to get started — because together, the journey will be awesome!