Do we really need more coders (or should we just free them from menial tasks)?

Recently headlines have been roaming about the lack of developers in Finland. Reportedly, even sky-high salaries are not enough to fill in all the open positions in Helsinki.

That is bleak news, especially if you think about it in terms of digital services that are needed in the future. Almost every industry is becoming software industry in one way or another.

But is it a stone-written truth that we need more developers? Or is there any other way around this? The answer lies — maybe ironically — in software development itself. When the development of artificial intelligence really takes off, we will be able to create software without knowing how to code. Google has made a head start on this and created AI that is able to create another AI-software on its own.

Artificial intelligence is a story on its own, but we have seen huge steps in other areas of software development.

Take web development, for instance. Visual coding is the next way to build web, and that is why we wanted to create Bebob — the first visual web development tool for professionals. With Bebob you are able to create professional CMS sites without writing a line of code. Introducing a new feature or setting up a completely new website can be done faster than before. In fact, one of our partners estimates that building a website with Bebob takes only 20 % of the time compared to before.

This means that designers and Art Directors can both create and update the landing pages or more complex CMS systems for their clients. There is no need to compete for the precious time of developers. With Bebob, you can give up the old-fashioned and time-consuming workflow where you need four different individuals for to carry out design, development, content planning and project management. Think of the chain of e-mails, phone calls and meetings that will be no longer needed.

And what do the developers do on their free time? It’s up to them. Maybe contribute to some next level innovations (like the one that keeps AI under control and prevents it taking over the world) or solve some other problem that is complex — and worthy of their time.

Let’s be honest here, there are repetitive and irritating tasks that most of would love to see go. Maybe we could save the nerves of coders, too. Maybe that also matters and not just how many figures you have on your bank account at the end of the month.

Bebob is a next way to build the web for professionals. Read more about Bebob and try it out yourself.


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Kaisa-Maria Suomalainen

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Follow our journey as a startup and a software company