I promise not to be enemy of my planet.

 I undertake to seek a life of similar and dissimilar to me. 
 I promise not to be enemy of my planet. 
 In a compromise with my life and that of my neighbor even if he is away. 
 My oath does not translate into words, but in attitudes daily. 
 I promise that my routine denotes changes in habits at home, at school, in the small or large, when driving in traffic or by way streets, avenues and lanes for pedestrians. 
 I undertake to keep the garbage in a safe place and take the packaging for recycling. 
 Undertake my attitude of being user aware of the bathroom, the washer, the sink and drinking fountains that are public or private. 
 A term that implies a compromise plan on environmental projects reflected in citizen attitudes of students uninterested in notes taken in the log or the content of the assessment. 
 I promise, finally, successfully passing the test of life that demonstrates the commitment to the future of so many children still alive and will rise in our Earth.
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