Are you ready to jump?

You like finance. You dream of a great career. You want freedom, change and opportunities. And somehow, you feel like this last sentence may not be compatible with the full-time contracts of big corporates you’ve been applying to recently. You fear you will be frustrated dealing 99 % of your time with hierarchy and old school patterns. Guess what? You are probably right.

I suggest you put all this ambition at good use and apply for a job within a Fintech company. Hell, yes. ❤

Make no mistake. Start-up CEOs all want to hire A-players. The ones that will be running the game for a smooth execution. The ones that will be humble, efficient, passionate and hard-working. The ones that will want to work all day, every day to change finance for the better, in the long run.

If you feel that you may fit the description, then you are probably our guy.

Check-out some cool facts about french Fintech companies, members of @FranceFintech.*

We told you!
Now this, will make your mama proud.
Pssst. Just a hint. HR growth rate in banks from 2014 to 2015 were — 0,6 %. Here
Did we mention girls applications are more than welcome?

We are launching a CV library online for our Fintech companies members on . Whether you are looking for a job, an internship, now is definitely a good time to send us your resume.

What are you waiting for ? Send us your CVs at :

*Study based on 56 companies members of France Fintech. Data collected on 31/12/2015 — & previsions in 2016.