[News] First Reagansborough Press Conference

Today 2–21–17, there was a press conference with Reagansborough Press Secretary Michael Frank. He was asked many questions. The first was what the Prime Minister was doing. He was quoted saying that the P.M is working to make peace with Cibola. Another question was the nation’s security, to which responded that Liam was the biggest worry. When asked about the gay conversion and Falconbourne, he at first avoided question but later answered them. He said that the Firehouse of God building in Hillsdale was the site of the gay conversion department. When asked about Falconbourne, he said that Reagansborough will unrecognize it as a country. There was also a question about Cibola, to which Frank responded with “Cibola is great.” There was a question about glitching, and Frank said that everyone is cheating and everyone is corrupt. A new religion was made to be the official religion of Reagansborough, called “Benjaminism” which I will write more about later. He had no response to a question about Skype calls between nations.

Frank had multiple people come up to the podium to talk. I didn’t get note for when Brady and I went up, but I got notes for when Isaac went up. He was asked about how relations between Cibola and Reagansborough would be. He said the there would be peaceful relations except for during the Olympics, when he said Cibola will destroy Reagansborough in medals. He also said that Cibola will avoid war.

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