[Op-Ed] Frank’s Power Ranking Week 5

  1. United States of New Reagansborough - This one is easy. The United States of New Reagansborough is an amazing nation that promotes peace across Boylan. With 10 citizens, the best Iode ranking, and the largest cities and military, no nation can even come close to Reagansborough. Hillsdale is easily the best city in Boylan. New Rome and Myrtle are nice cities too and contain many important buildings. With Dirtball’s Grub n’ Go and Fort Mattis, the nation continues to spread its influence around the globe.
  2. Cibola - Cibola is a pretty great nation. If we take away Josh and the annoying secrecy, Cibola is a pretty good country. Isaac has begun taking down his house, which is a step in the right direction. Shay continues to make aesthetically pleasing houses, it’s still a little bit too open and the government is a little hostile. I am anxiously waiting for the Olympics and how Cibola will run them.
  3. Falconbourne- I guess I was wrong, Falconbourne won’t have a permanent #4 position. With Ydresland and Westfield combining, Falconbourne has moved up a position for the first time in the nation’s history. The members are still inactive and Spencercola has talked about plans to leave the nation.
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