[Op-Ed] Lrule5 has no clue what he is doing

Lrule5, a terrorist turned “pacifist,” living in Troyville is clueless about the current affairs of Boylan. First example is Lrule5 discussing his disapproval in the formation of a Reagansborough military.

Lrule5 is the only “Nay” vote
Lrule5’s “Nay” Vote

While he has the freedom to vote for whatever he determines to help himself and the nation, it also show’s Lrule5 has no clue how to run a nation. After a Cibolan terrorist attack at his house, he created a poll to declare war on Cibola.

Lrule5’s Poll to declare war on Cibola

How the hell are we supposed to declare war on someone if you don’t even think we should have a military? That makes no sense, whatsoever. We should be expecting an official response from PM ForeignLeader56, but I doubt war is happening. We must approve the rules of combat as soon as possible to ensure that wars and griefing does not happen anymore. #IStandForPeace

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