[Op-Ed] Week 6 Country Power Rankings

1. Falconsbourne

Even though many consider it to be the worst country, it is the most stable country in the realm. If Cibola invades Falconsbourne, then Reagansborough will help support Falconsbourne. If Reagansborough invades Falconsbourne, then Cibola will defend Falconsbourne. Whatever happens, Falconsbourne will still stand strong.

2. The Rogue States of the Strong Wind

The Rogue States of the Strong Wind is second place because this is where the wind took them. The entirety of the NCCHS Boylan realms fears this country and is desperate for an alliance with them. Despite their size, they have massive resources that help them out.

3. Cibola

They’re army is by far the best in the entire realm. Reagansborough has more people, but not enough techniques and strategies to outsmart Cibola. Cibola spent their entire time preparing for war and battle, Reagansborough made nice-looking buildings that wouldn’t help in times of war. If it came down to it, Cibola could take Reagansborough over as Michael’s lone intelligence isn’t that smart to take down 4 strong individual minds.

4. Reagansborough

Reagansborough has the most people, but has a corrupt government. Their “leader” is never on, something we can all agree on, and their actual leader, Frank4453, takes power. He proposes all the bills, many that could be dictating. For example, he proposed a bill to the Reagansborough government stating something along the lines of “Is Cibola better or worse for the realms, should we keep them on the realms?” This isn’t an example of him being a dictator of Reagansborough, but a dictator of the ENTIRE REALMS. This action is unbelievable and is embarrassing. He proposes every single parliament bill and makes fun of everything else posted that isn’t by him. The prime example is Liam; Michael literally makes fun of everything Liam says and votes against it. They say that the elections were fair and that the people elected Patrick Powers to be their prime minister. This proves to make them an even worse country, to be stupid enough to elect such an inactive and inefficient leader. He rarely gets on, he even admits that, and he doesn’t have any original ideas or do anything to advance their government. He just acts as a puppet for Frank4453. My theory is that Frank voted for Patrick and told everyone else to, or “influenced ”their vote as he “influences” the entire country, so he can’t be called a dictator as he’s not the head of the government in the first place. However, Patrick is known to do whatever Michael tells him to do, if you come to school early you’ll notice how Patrick follows him around everywhere he goes. Also in the court case Michael told Patrick to plead insanity on all charges AGAINST HIS OWN DEFENDANT, which of course he did. Again, this is all an opinion, but you can’t say I have no right to talk about it when it effects me. Michael dictates the entire realm by abusing his owner privileges. I’m excited to play on the Supreme realm as there won’t be someone behind the scenes spawning in buckets to prevent death, changing the weather, or teleporting people.

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