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Forward-looking innovation DUO: SodaStream is once again revolutionizing the beverage market with a new generation of soda makers

The revolution continues. With a completely new generation of soda makers, the world’s leading soda maker brand SodaStream is once again setting new standards in the beverage market: In week 13, the company will start selling the DUO in German retail, a completely newly developed soda maker with a compact, modern design for the first time with a dual system A combination of a newly designed 1 liter glass bottle for at home and a reusable 1 liter plastic bottle for on the go. Annoying lugging around and to-go disposable plastic bottles are a thing of the past. With the DUO, SodaStream is also introducing the innovative and patent-pending Quick Connect Technology for the first time, which makes changing the carbon dioxide cylinder even easier. For the market launch, SodaStream lets it bubble vigorously across all media channels. Because the new sales guarantee for the trade and “best-in-class” soda maker from SodaStream will be launched in Germany with unprecedented advertising and attractive and attention-grabbing materials for the POS. So SodaStream starts the new decade well positioned and enriches the market and trade with a new top product.

Rüdiger Koppelmann, General Manager of SodaStream Germany and Austria: “In Austria, where the new soda maker has literally been torn from the shelves for three months, we can already see that the DUO is a real sales highlight and offers enormous potential. The new features of the soda maker are extremely well received. We expect above-average sales — and will boost this with an enormous presence in all channels and thus give retailers a strong tailwind. The new dual system guarantees even more efficient space profitability and promises returning customers, which significantly increases the frequency in the markets . The dealers will therefore do well to replenish their stocks in good time. I am convinced that the DUO will be a strong guarantee of sales in the long term. “

360-degree campaign and attractive POS appearance for the introduction

The German market launch from week 13 will be accompanied by a comprehensive 360-degree campaign. SodaStream is investing more heavily than ever in TV and digital advertising and is increasing its investments by around 30% compared to the previous year, * so that the new product DUO is supported all year round with full communication power. Targeted print measures in selected specialist and consumer magazines and comprehensive PR measures relating to the product launch are also planned. On the other hand, retailers also benefit from highly attractive advertising and information materials for the POS, which guarantee a strong presence in retailers. In addition to eye-catching displays, consumers in retail are made aware of the benefits of the DUO through convincing information materials.

Perfect addition

The new DUO is the perfect addition to the previous bestsellers in the SodaStream portfolio. The convenience gained through the compatible 1-liter glass and 1-liter plastic bottle and the practical, improved cylinder system make the DUO the innovative top product in the range. The next-generation soda maker takes SodaStream’s sustainability mission from households to the streets and enables consumers to save even more on single-use plastic waste.

The focus is on customer requirements

SodaStream has tailored its most innovative soda maker to date to meet the needs of consumers. To this end, we consistently rely on feedback from both customers and dealers. The DUO is deliberately breaking new ground and is delivered with two bottles — a newly designed glass bottle for at home and a reusable, BPA-free plastic bottle for on the go. Both bottles are dishwasher-safe and the glass bottle also has an increased filling capacity of 1 liter for the first time. The new DUO also scores with its compact size: With a height of 44 cm, it fits easily under most kitchen cabinets and shelves, thus fulfilling the explicit request of many consumers who want to place their SodaStream in the kitchen where it is accessible at all times.

“Best in class” for soda makers

The “best-in-class” soda maker therefore sets completely new standards for SodaStream soda makers and has already been awarded the grade “very good (1.3)” ** by the test winner. With the DUO, SodaStream clearly defines the latest generation of soda makers: Completely tailored to the needs and expectations of consumers, with the highest level of convenience and even more potential for savings in terms of single-use plastic bottles. True to the motto: “Good for me. Good for the environment.”

Significantly simplified change of the CO2 cylinder

With the DUO, SodaStream introduces the newly developed, worldwide patent pending cylinder technology SodaStream Quick Connect — an innovative mechanism that considerably simplifies the insertion of the cylinder. “Consumers have always wanted an easier replacement of the cylinder. With Quick Connect, the cylinder is no longer screwed in, but simply inserted. This makes handling much easier,” says Rüdiger Koppelmann about the revolutionary cylinder system.

Also ideal for new SodaStream customers

The dual system enables new customers in particular to get started in the sparkling wine world. “In Germany, millions of households already put their trust in us. But we still see a lot of potential to activate completely new, additional consumer groups, and we want to exploit this with DUO. We want to continue to change the beverage market and are convinced that DUO will The benchmark for a new generation of soda makers is. It was created explicitly according to the wishes of our consumers and new customers in particular will find all the arguments here for questioning their beverage habits and switching — so there is really no longer any reason not to sparkle yourself “, so Koppelmann.

* Gross advertising expenditure, plan 2021 vs. 2020.


About SodaStream:

SodaStream® is a brand of SodaStream GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main. In 1994 the company brought the first soda maker to the market in Germany. In addition to the domestic market, the world market leader sells its products in 46 other countries. More than 14 million households worldwide already fizzle their drinks with SodaStream. Thanks to modern water bubblers with dishwasher-safe glass carafes and various innovations in the beverage sector, SodaStream has been the market leader in its field for years. The products have already received numerous awards, including from Stiftung Warentest and Öko-Test. Further information is available at and .


- Tailor-made according to consumer wishes: SodaStream DUO new top product and sales guarantee for retailers
- At home and on the go: For the first time, the new bubbly combines a 1-liter glass bottle with a reusable 1-liter plastic bottle
- DUO impresses with its new, compact design and innovative cylinder technology
- Enormous added value for consumers and the environment: Even less lugging around, even less single-use plastic
- Market launch: Available in retail outlets from week 13
- SodaStream supports retailers from day 1 of the launch with an attractive POS appearance and unprecedented advertising



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