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Four startups in Mainz received funding from the “startup innovative” grant program from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in a total of 370K€

State Secretary for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt honored four startups in Mainz that received funding from the “startup innovativ” grant program. In total, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is providing 370,000 euros this year to support the founders and the implementation of their innovative, non-technological business ideas. The grant amount is distributed among a total of 4 excellent startups.

“Young entrepreneurs stimulate the economy and make it fit for the future. Today’s founders are tomorrow’s medium-sized businesses. If we invest in our founders, we invest in our future. The state government repeatedly supports people who are willing to take risks and set up a new company with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of responsibility, ”said State Secretary for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt when the four start-up ideas that had prevailed in the competition for the“ startup innovativ ”funding program were awarded.

Artificial Ecosystems GmbH (Kaiserslautern), Coating Radar (Ludwigshafen), boep GmbH (Mainz) and Got Bag GmbH (Mainz) were awarded.

“With startup innovativ, we are pursuing the goal of further developing the requirements for an active start-up scene in Rhineland-Palatinate and giving young, future-oriented companies good prospects for long-term survival in the market,” said Schmitt and added: “And not only in financial terms , but also with regard to networks and knowledge that we convey through coaching during the funding period. “

The four startups were selected from around 40 applications. The grants can be used widely, e.g. for the start-up costs of a start-up, the development of prototypes, for sample and patent applications as well as for investments in machines or IT technology.

All participants in the competition also receive a free coaching offer in the form of seminars on topics such as financing and marketing issues.

Our highlight goes to Got Bag GmbH that receives 100,000 euros

Backpacks made from marine plastic

Three quarters of the garbage is made of plastic. The pollution of the world’s oceans by plastic and microplastic particles is an increasing problem for humans and animals. The effects of microplastic particles that enter the human organism via the food chain have not yet been researched. Plastic often contains toxins and flame retardants that are harmful to humans and animals.

With the company GOT BAG, the founder Benjamin Mandos brings together e-commerce, sustainability and the production of travel bags and backpacks. These three elements are the company’s DNA for the founder.

With his business idea, Benjamin Mandos is helping to curb the increasing pollution of the world’s oceans. 1,500 fishermen in Indonesia work with the founder and deliver plastic from the sea. A backpack is made from 2.5 kg of plastic waste, which is functional, looks good and can be adjusted in size thanks to its roll top.

The boep GmbH from Mainz receives 70,000 euros

Coating Radar from Ludwigshafen receives 100,000 euros

Artificial Ecosystems GmbH, from Kaiserslautern also receives 100,000 euros




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