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Frankfurt founder revolutionizes online shopping and invents the world’s first
parcel backpack — PIKAPAK®

The online shopping market is growing from year to year — and so is parcel shipping.
In 2020, Deutsche Post alone transported over 1.6 billion parcels in Germany!
Today, we want to present you aFrankfurt-based startup, led by its founder Désirée Schmitz, that has developed a particularly innovative product for this purpose — the world’s first parcel backpack PIKAPAK.

Simple and ingenious at the same time — designed to get parcels of (almost) any size from A to B stress-free.
Gone are the days of awkwardly lugging packages around town under your arm. Whether on a bike, bus, train, e-scooter or on foot — you are completely flexible and always have your hands free for more important things.
“PIKAPAK helps you transport your packages and returns easily, quickly, safely and comfortably through the urban jungle,” says the inventor.

“Clamping the parcels is child’s play and it really only takes seconds — then you simply carry PIKAPAK on your back like a backpack.”

But the woman-led startup wants to do more than just make everyday life
easier! For every PIKAPAK sold, the company donates €0.50 to a charitable organization — currently to “One Earth — One Ocean e.V.” So every user helps to make the world a little better together.

And that’s why, even during the development of PIKAPAK, care was taken to avoid the use of plastic as completely as possible in every step of the production process.
Result: PIKAPAK consists of 98% cotton and is 100% vegan.

PIKAPAK UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was founded on June 18, 2020 by Désirée
Schmitz, managing partner. With the innovative idea of the first parcel backpack in the world, the company entered the German market in 2021 and has been growing continuously since then. Further products are up-to-date in planning.




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