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Frankfurt Valley and Mainstage Incubator partnership agreement with

As of February 2021, Frankfurt Valley-Mainstage Incubator and are happy to reinforce their long-last partnership.

Both initiatives follow the same goal to untap the success stories and promote English content that will sparkle more interest in different stakeholders to the local and national startup hubs (Frankfurt — Hessen — Germany).

While Frankfurt Valley focuses more on written content and events, brings in audio podcasting and video. In the end, this partnership makes the ecosystem even more complete and synergic.

Pedro Ferreira, from Frankfurt Valley, highlights: “This partnership was already ongoing for years, but now we are happy to make it even stronger. We want to keep working together with the pioneers and leaders from our ecosystem and that indeed is the case with Joern and We feel our entities have a deep role not only in the English media and content availability, but overall in the ecosystem landscape itself, and rather than working in silos, we believe that together we get closer to our goals ”.

Pedro Ferreira — Founder of Frankfurt Valley

According to Joern Menninger from ” is looking forward to working closer together with Frankfurt Valley. We do see a substantive need for English content to get the regional and national ecosystem noticed on a global scale. cannot do this alone and is happy to have found the team around Pedro Ferreira to work together on our joint goals”

Joern Menninger — Founder of

Last but not least Swen Wegner, from Mainstage Incubator, mentions: “Mainstage Incubator is always on the scout to build meaningful and long lasting partnerships that make our own and the global ecosystem grow. We believe that by doing this we can create win-win situations to everyone involved, supporting multiple stakeholders that are not even directly connected to us, but on the long run we are happy to support more projects to scale and build together remarkable stories that will be shared by Frankfurt Valley and for sure”

Swen Wegner — Founder of Mainstage Incubator is one of the early startup media outlets in the Rhine-Main Region, started in 2015. After some iterations in the team, Jörn “Joe” Menninger (LinkedIn, Twitter) runs by himself with the help of Pedro Ferreira as community manager and Christian Fahrenbach from New York as co-host for the monthly startup news.

Over time the audio podcast scored in the Apple Podcast charts of 49 countries and gathered more than 2.500 days in iTunes’ and Chartable’s podcast charts. Chartable is a podcast analytics company headquartered in New York and provides analytics and their own global podcast charts. did well in these global podcast charts, scoring in 2020 in the global Top 100 Science Podcasts, global Top 150 Tech Podcast, and global Top 750 Business Podcast Charts. has always aimed to promote Rhine-Main and still looks to fill 1/3rd of interview slots with startups from the region. If you are now curious, how such an interview looks like, you can find more than 70 entrepreneurs and investors from the region here on their playlist on YouTube. also produces towards the end of each month a news recap episode, called “This Month in German Startups.” For this, they talk on their hubs section always about Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Region.

Tune in here:

You can learn more about them on their website or subscribe to the podcast on the platform of your choice here or on YouTube here:

And by the way, just last year in June, was recommended as a top source on the German startup scene by Crunchbase (Link), called “The Authority on German Startups” and just recently been featured on the Laptop Radio Show on Stanford University’s campus radio station (You can listen to the show as podcast on Spotify).

Frankfurt Valley and Mainstage Incubator are happy to announce this partnership agreement with , and to our reader we promise, do expect more synergies from these three:



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