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Global Startup Ecosystem Report — GSER 2020

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report GSER 2020 was released yesterday.

Link to the Startup Genome page to download the report:

Frankfurt page analysis on page 86 and According to the ranking FRANKFURT scores #61 in the top Top 100 Emerging Ecosystem Rankings

Our ecosystem is still described as an activation phase, in other words, an ecosystem with limited Startup Experience (founder know-how, experienced investors, advisors/mentors, and community behaviors that support startup success), Low Startup Output of around 1,000 or fewer startups, and challenges like resource leakages to later-stage ecosystems that make it difficult to grow.

Details of Frankfurt:

In 2019 we also highlighted the report and the main findings are here:

Something that got my attention, our ecosystem value decreased from 1.7B to just 1.4B when the global average increased from 5B to 10B…this sounds like an issue in our Frankfurt Valley. Lets work for better results in 2021?




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