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Virtual award ceremony: The NHW managing directors Monika Fontaine-Kretschmer and Dr. Thomas Hain congratulates the winners Max Zeyda (Zesavi, screen left) and Dr. Wolfgang Walcher (Robotic Eyes). Photo: NHW / Marc Strohfeldt

hubitation Contest 2020: The winners have been announced

This year’s hubitation contest has two winners: an expert jury selected the startups Zesavi from Munich and Robotic Eyes from Graz from among nine finalists on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

The final day, the hubitation finals, mark the high point of the hubitation contest every year. The startup accelerator hubitation of the Nassauische Heimstätte I Wohnstadt (NHW) group brought together the innovative ideas of startups with the experience of the housing industry for the third edition of the competition. During the “Startup Week” from Monday, September 21 until the final day, the finalists worked with sparring partners from the NHW to develop possible pilot projects, which they then presented to an expert jury. Zesavi from Munich and Robotic Eyes from Graz, who emerged as the winners of the competition, were particularly convincing with their ideas.

Zesavi prepares knowledge in such a way that it can be passed on easily and efficiently, for example for certain processes in a company. In this way, new employees can be trained more effectively and faster.

With its app, Robotic Eyes helps companies, for example, to visualize how and where lines run. With the app, you can work much more efficiently and quickly on a construction site.

NHW managing director Dr. Thomas Hain was enthusiastic about how well hubitation has established itself as a link between the startups and the housing industry: “This time, too, it was fascinating to see what great and forward-looking ideas are just waiting to be implemented. That shows how important the founding of hubitation was for the innovative strength of NHW, but also for our entire industry. “

Simone Planinsek, Head of hubitation at NHW, emphasized the importance of the competition for the industry: “The hubitation contest is now a fixed date in the calendar of the housing and digital economy for future ideas relating to living.”

The Hessian Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing, Tarek Al-Wazir, thanked the participants in his video greeting for their passionate commitment to new, innovative forms of living. “With your commitment, you help ensure that people have a home that is equipped for the challenges of the future. That is exactly what we need, ”said Al-Wazir. Hessen’s Minister of Economic Affairs underlined that the NHW, with its future-oriented innovations, is helping to make living smarter, more energy-efficient and more digital.

The award ceremony did not take place in front of an audience at the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt, as usual, but only virtually due to the corona pandemic. Together, the winning startups are now implementing a pilot project with the NHW and are exclusively allowed to present themselves to decision-makers from around 50 housing companies as part of the working group on digital business models of the Working Group on Large Housing Companies (AGW). Normally the winners travel together with the NHW to the real estate fair Expo Real in Munich. However, this is not possible this year due to the corona.

More than 90 startups applied for the 2020 hubitation contest — including 14 from other European countries. This year, more applications were received than ever before, and their number has tripled since 2018. The expert jury of the hubitation finals 2020 consisted of the three NHW managing directors Dr. Thomas Hain (Managing Director), Dr. Constantin Westphal and Monika Fontaine-Kretschmer as well as Ingeborg Esser (General Manager GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Nagel (professor of economics at bbw University) and Martin Staudacher (founder of the startupwohnungshelden and participant in the first hubitation contest 2018).

The finalists at the hubitation Contest 2020:

Archilyse from Zurich in Switzerland

With the help of artificial intelligence, Archilyse makes the quality of architecture and real estate measurable and therefore understandable for everyone. Her motto: What can be measured can also be improved.

Candylabs from Frankfurt am Main

The young company carries out virtual prototyping to validate new digital business models. It tests the demand for a product idea through so-called landing pages before the first prototype is built. In this way, a customer receives information as to whether there is even a market for his product.

Fabula Games from Schwelm

Fabula Games wants to combine work and fun. The makers of “Serious Games” impart knowledge in a playful way without pressure or fear of failure.

Famigo from Kenzingen

Famigo offers families all the information they need when looking for a place to live. For example, parents can enter their child’s interests on the platform. Famigo then compiles all the relevant information about the (desired) place of residence — for example children’s playgrounds, daycare centers or clubs.

FIBREE from Berlin

A lot of data is created around a property. Be it construction plans for the materials that have been installed or the contact details of the electrician, roofer or plumber. Often enough, such data cannot be used across departments. For this purpose, Fibree has developed the Unique Object Identifier, which organizes important data in such a way that it is up-to-date, traceable and accessible.

Pure Livin from Dornbirn in Austria

The startup from Austria combines modular construction with the renewable raw material wood. If the houses are dismantled, they can even be recycled.

Spiri.Bo from Hamburg

With the help of the Lisa ChatBot, which speaks 21 languages, apartment providers become home service providers. A tenant can use a smartphone to report defects, book additional services or fill out forms and damage reports online.



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