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Introducing the ground-breaking ‘Emma Motion’ smart mattress

Is the brand new Emma motion the future of smart sleeptech industry?

We have covered multiple times a flagship startup of our ecosystem, Emma — The Sleep Company, that reported today a leap in sales for 2020: with a growth rate of 170 percent, the sleep brand turned over EUR 405 million (USD 494.7 million) last year compared to EUR 150 million (USD 168.2 million) in 2019. Not only did the company demonstrate its strength in growth, but it also expanded its profitability (EBIT). Moreover, with 1.5 million mattresses sold in 2020, Emma is the world’s leading D2C sleep brand. It is an important milestone on Emma’s journey to become the worldwide leading sleep brand overall.

But today we want to cover the Introducion of the ground-breaking ‘Emma Motion’ smart mattress

In addition to the implementation strength of the Emma team, the creation of superior and innovative products is key to Emma’s success. The Research and Development team is at the heart of this. “When we founded Emma, we set out to improve people’s lives by changing the way they sleep. With the launch of our smart mattress Emma Motion, we are not only changing but revolutionizing the way people sleep,” explained Manuel Mueller. Mueller has known the industry for decades. He started his entrepreneurial career with one of the most demanding types of mattresses: medical-therapeutical ones.

The Emma Motion has been developed over two years by the Emma team. Its unique features include the ‘Infinite AI Sensor’, a mat that uses an Artificial Intelligence-based neural network to permanently detect the sleep position, and the ‘Silent Move IQ’ technology, which ensures that the mattress automatically, silently, and smoothly adapts to each change of sleep positions. “The Emma Motion ensures optimal spinal alignment throughout the entire night,” emphasized Mueller, “which is one of the single most important drivers of sleep quality. Emma Motion also comes with our proven Diamond Degree technology to control the temperature through millions of graphite particles in the top layer. In conjunction with the fully integrated design of Emma Motion, it is the world’s most advanced smart mattress and is nothing short of a sleep revolution.” Emma Motion will first launch in France and the Netherlands in January 2021 and will become available in more countries throughout the year.

As some people already say Emma’s new smart mattress may as well be the solution for the lockdown insomnia by changing shape as you sleep:

The announcement and press presentation happened via a digital, global press conference with more than 100 journalists joining from all over the world!



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