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Launch of the Impact Festival: the first festival for innovative sustainable solutions and technologies in the Rhein-Main region

❏ The Impact Festival forms a central platform for sustainable innovation and technology. The focus is on innovators such as green start-ups, corporates and venture capital investors. In addition, various additional formats involve both politics and the education system.

❏ Key festival figures: 23–24 April 2021 , 9,000 m2 total area, 2,200 expected visitors. Festival Program: Innovation Areas, exhibition, conference, workshops & lectures.

❏ In addition to the main event, other events, a central community, a podcast series, a University Challenge, a magazine series and a case collection form a relevant platform throughout the year.

❏ main incubator, the research and development unit of the Commerzbank Group, isthe initiator of this festival. The Impact Festival will be the first event of its kind and will be open to companies of all sizes as well as all other interested parties.

Much of what was once taken for granted is now being questioned from an ecological and social point of view. This change in values also has a fundamental impact on our economy. However, sustainable transformation can only work if all actors cooperate and collaborate in an overarching manner.

Sustainability is a central component of main incubator’s corporate philosophy. They see sustainable transformation as a great opportunity for economic progress and are making our contribution with this important milestone: the establishment of a platform for sustainable technology and innovation, with the Impact Festival 2021 as the main event. The EU Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important signposts for our business activities.

With this festival, the organizers are creating the first “community-based” platform with the aim of accelerating sustainable transformation through the connection and cooperation of all actors involved in the field of sustainability. The focus is on linking innovators such as green start-ups with corporates and impact investors who can significantly accelerate this transformation through their investments.

Equally important, however, are appropriate framework conditions set by politics and the perspective of the younger generation and science.

Further information and current news can be found on their website and their social media channels:

LinkedIn: Impact Festival 2021

Twitter: @createimpact21




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