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The four start-ups Green Convenience, Mytigate, Rail-Flow and Rodenstein convinced the jury and will move into the HOLM on January 1, 2021. (Top row from left: Hjalmar Hütte and Yvonne Ziegler from MYTIGATE, Osman Akdemir and Bart Gilissen from Rail-Flow; bottom row from left: Benjamin Dauth from Green Convenience and Philipp Gruben and Attila Kiss from Rodenstein). (Photo: HOLM)

Logistics start-ups: HOLM welcomes four newcomers

  • Green Convenience is a young start-up from Maintal. The founding team is working on software for parcel service providers and suppliers who want to avoid the failure of delivery attempts and optimize delivery routes based on favorable delivery times.
  • The start-up Mytigate GmbH from Eschborn would like to support pharmaceutical companies and freight forwarders in choosing the safest transport routes and service providers with a software solution.
  • As a broker, Rail-Flow from Frankfurt am Main offers a platform through which customers can plan and organize rail freight transport from the inquiry to the settlement.
  • The fourth start-up, Rodenstein from Darmstadt, acts as a technology supplier and, according to the HOLM, is working on the development and sale of energy storage devices for the aviation of tomorrow.



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