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Only when decision makers understand the benefits of disruptive technologies like blockchain can real progress be made. This also applies to the legal framework, said Marcel Kuhs. (Photo: Azhos)

Meet a CTO: Marcel Kuhs

Today we want to highlight a CTO story — so we decided to pick Marcel Kuhs — that just became the CTO at blockchain proptech RTX 21

In the past, the serial entrepreneur Kuhs implemented blockchain projects for the media and oil industry, among other things, but now he takes care of the tokenization of real estate with RTX21 - that stands for the real estate token exchange of the 21st century and is a Proptech that offers (institutional and later also retail) investors the opportunity to invest into fractional commercial real estate ownership on a single-asset basis.

Kuhs is a sound engineer and software developer, and in 2011 he used the crypto currency Bitcoin as a means of payment for media productions and built up the media platform Dooh, which eventually he sold in 2016.

His subsequent projects included supply chains secured by blockchain for the chemical industry, and later blockchain-based working capital financing for the oil industry. As a partner of McAfee, a US security software company, he also analyzed the European market for blockchain start-ups.

The match is perfect because, RTX 21 sees itself at the interface between real estate (Proptech), financial (Fintech) and legal (Legaltech) technology start-ups.

Just to mention, in July 2020, the company launched its first blockchain product for institutional customers, it was a mixed-use property worth EUR 20 million in Offenbach.

In the future, RTX 21 also wants to use blockchain technology for project developments, financing, insurance, asset management and digital tenders.

Marcel Kuhs, is now part of the team since December 1, 2020.

To mention as well, the project has Ekaterina Bozoukova as COO — a female role model that we consider as #womenwhoinspirerheinmain



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