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Meet a Founder: Daniel Ishikawa

Some weeks ago we wrote about FLC Furniture GmbH & Co. KG taking over the Lyght Living brand and now we have the opportunity to all directly with Daniel Ishikawa about it.

Whether you’re a builder, a property manager, a landlord, an expatriate overseas worker, or simply an apartment renter in need of quality rental furniture, you need to know him. Their custom packages offer a comprehensive furnishing solution for any situation.

Daniel believes in provhigh-qualityuality furnishings and appliances at competitive prices and with great customer service.

Dear Daniel Ishikawa, tell us a bit about yourself, your story, why are you in Frankfurt? What do you do?

I’m actually from here. I was born in Tokyo, but we moved here when I was around eight years old. I did my Abitur at Lessing Gymnasium in Frankfurt (Holzhausenviertel), left for a few years to study and work abroad, and came back here in 2011 to start my current business: furniture rental.

We’re now the go-to company when people need furniture temporarily, from 4 weeks up to 4 years. Many of our customers are entrepreneurs like yourself, but also expat families and people commuting between cities. Anyone basically who doesn’t want to be stuck with furniture.

What is the big issue that you and your company Lyght Living furniture leasing is addressing and what value do you bring to your clients?

We offer a solution to people who are looking for a hassle-free way to get their home or office furnished, in an environmentally responsible way.

Furniture is still a pain point for many. As you all know, delivery times of 8 weeks are not uncommon. Then you have to worry about getting your furniture delivered and assembled. Then there maybe appliances that need to be installed professionally. When they are no longer needed, they oftentimes end up in landfills.

We offer a one-stop solution. We have our furniture and appliances stored locally. We can get our customers delivered in as little as 5 business days, anywhere in Germany. Besides, the furniture is not disposed of after use, but picked up, processed and offered again. The sustainable use of resources is becoming more and more important and so we succeed in contributing to more resource efficiency when dealing with furniture.

Can you tell us a bit about your recent acquisition and Rebranding to Lyght Living furniture leasing?

Back in August of this year, we acquired a furniture rental brand, Lyght Living, based in Berlin. We liked what they were up to. They’ve been successfully targeting a new group of customers who were really looking at renting furniture as a lifestyle choice — and still be able to conserve resources.

Following this acquisition, we decided to incorporate Lyght Living into our company name. We’re now Lyght Living furniture leasing.

A curiosity, was your industry affected by Corona?

Yes — who hasn’t. But I wouldn’t say only negatively. We work a lot with companies that relocate their employees internationally. When Corona hit and people stopped relocating almost entirely starting around April, we saw a sizable hit on our topline. We’ve also seen a sizable decline in business in our office furniture business.

That said, unexpectedly we’ve seen a dramatic increase in home office furniture rental for example. A segment that was pretty much non-existent before Corona. More and more companies are asking their employees to work from home, resulting in the need for quality home office equipment and furniture that complies with workplace safety standards. You may have noticed too: Corona has greatly stimulated the issue of ergonomics in the workplace and that is a good thing. This will stay with us long after Corona.

Can you highlight some, top mistakes or funny situations you come across in your industry?

We’ve had our share of funny requests from customers. Several years ago, we had a customer who insisted on renting a doghouse from us. Obviously, we had no doghouses in our product lineup. We went ahead and bought one to rent it out. Fun fact: we picked up that doghouse recently. We now have a doghouse in the warehouse in case you need to rent one ;-)

Lyght Living furniture leasing is based on the outskirts of Frankfurt. How is it like for you and your team?

Our sales and operations team used to be based in Frankfurt Westend. We then decided in 2015 to move out south to be in one location with our warehouse and the logistics team. For a small business like ours, I think it’s important for all team members to be in one location. This really allows us to be much more nimble and get things done much quicker.

Finally, personal goals for the rest of 2020 and 2021?

2020: pretend like it never happened

2021: enjoy



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