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Meet the Mainstage Hub

A lot has changed for Mainstage Incubator in the last couple of years. They have upgraded from being a traditional startup incubator program to now a One-Stop Startup Studio and with that, they have decided to modernize their brand identity.

Mainstage Incubator has upgraded with a new set of goals, and a fresh new look to them.

Mainstage Incubator is now Mainstage Hub.

Although business building & growth remain their primary objectives, the core structure of Mainstage Hub is built on forming personal bonds and concrete relationships with their startups so they can build exceptional startups with exceptional founders.

Their shiny new website is also now live. See how Mainstage Hub can help you better than ever:- Mainstage Hub Website

The Mainstage Hub team had a launch event on the 29th of July to inaugurate their new look and to thank everyone who has been a part of this extremely successful journey. The event was a mix of emotional moments, happy faces, and a motivated team eager to sustain this exponential growth and reach new heights with their new identity.

Here are a few highlights from the Mainstage Hub launch event:- (Add launch video below)

The leadership team at Mainstage Hub shed some light on this change, their vision to what this change will translate to in the coming future, and their journey to this point:-

Swen Wegner (CEO & Founder, Mainstage Hub):- “For any business or any company, there are a few milestones that are just unmatched. I still remember our first sale, our first startup & I think today is one of those moments for me. Really excited and really proud of what this company has achieved and I cant wait to see and share what’s next for us.”

Niviya Augustine (CMO, Mainstage Hub):- “Through the course of a business there are certain things that signify growth and this upgrade from Mainstage Incubator to Mainstage Hub for me is a huge reflection of growth and constant innovation.

This company has grown in multiples and what initially started as a company that builds bridges between Germany and India is now providing a 360-degree solution and has transitioned into a complete startup studio.”

Debasis Chakraborty (COO & Co-Founder, Mainstage Hub):-

“It’s been a wonderful year for us at Mainstage Incubator but we believe in constantly looking forward and adapting to changing trends. These last few months we have been tirelessly working towards improving our brand and we firmly believe that Mainstage Hub and our new look is a giant leap in that direction. Thanks for being with us and supporting us, it means the world.“

Congratulations to Mainstage Hub and the entire team on their continuous growth and success. We look forward to seeing what else Mainstage Hub has in store for us.

Writer:- Shafique Fakih



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