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The AI ecosystem in the heart of Europe’s financial center — meet SKYLAUNCH

The DDG AG with roots in Kaiserslautern (Germany’s leading AI R&D location) and Frankfurt, is an AI-centric co-innovation enabler and company builder with a unique mix of R&D partnerships with internationally renowned Research Institutions such as DFKI and Frauenhofer and a very close connection with the German SME (Mittelstand). DDG AG is part of a greater AI ecosystem under the roof of SKYLAUNCH bringing together all capabilities to guide, educate, execute, and innovate with and for the German Mittelstand.

The idea arose from this to build something together, to create, and to let it grow: The company supports SMEs with the help of AI to solve challenges in areas such as production, sales, or logistics. The starting point for the new products and services is always based on real-life use cases from the day-to-day work of small and medium-sized enterprises. Since these practical challenges are not isolated cases, but often affect entire industries, the AI solutions can be developed as MVPs or POCs together with the customer and if good enough spin-offed in a start-up company and marketed worldwide.

With its unique co-innovation model, the company builder has managed to spin off three start-ups in 2020: Among them, — a platform for AI-based video analysis and services addressing the media industry and Casculate, which is a software for an automatic price calculation for foundries. Six more ventures are planned for 2021.

As mentioned before DDG builds the core of a greater vision formed as an AI Ecosystem.

In Q3 of 2020, the company SKYLAUNCH was founded, which combines all capabilities under one roof — From a proprietary software platform to software development and consulting to the development of new business models and the financing of the resulting ventures. All companies build on each other and are united by a common technological platform, to guarantee the best possible benefit for the customer.

„AI will fundamentally change many areas of both life and industry. Especially within the financial sector, these changes will have a huge impact on involved businesses and their customers. The financial industry in Frankfurt and the region plays a central role in the European economic system and our group’s business strategy. Also as a location, Frankfurt offers a large network of investors, researchers, and business partners that would give us an edge over our competition“, explains Kambiz Djafari, Director Group Marketing of SKYLAUNCH.

„Looking at the next five years, we believe AI will have a major impact on the European economy, much like the steam engine did in its time. Even during the pandemic, AI played a big role, and companies already using the technology have been able to mitigate the outages well. With SKYLAUNCH we want to be part of this success story and promote German SMEs as one of the most important drivers ”, says Djafari.



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