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The New App from the FV that gives Back Users Control of Personal Data

Trust becomes digital — with helix id. As of now, the blockchain-based app is now available in Google Play Store and App Store (iOS) and enables users to protect and organize their digital identity. The objective of helix id is to give individuals return control of their personal information. The user decides with whom and to what extent he wants to share his data. But helix id is much more than that.

“For consumers, helix id is a free app. For business partners it is an integrated solution,” emphasizes Oliver Naegele. He is founder and CEO of Blockchain HELIX AG, a Frankfurt-based technology startup. “We hand back control to the user of his digital self. We enable companies, our so-called Trusted Partners, to fully comply with legal and liability regulations for their online business.”

Version 1.0 of helix id is available in German and English and allows the user to create an account, enter his personal data and verify it easily and securely.

It all starts with trust

In order to establish a common trust basis digitally, helix id works as follows: The user downloads the app, registers and enters his personal information. In the next step, he has to verify his data just once and, after that, owns a verified and self-determined digital identity. His data will only be passed on to other parties with his consent and only to the extent that is needed for the transaction. helix id complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The identity check is done by video identification from Veriff or with the eID service from Authada. Authada’s digital identification service via app is integrated into the onboarding process, enabling even faster completion of the identity verification process.

On the other side, companies can be sure with whom they are dealing with. Thanks to the previously mentioned verification of all users and service providers. With helix id as an integrated solution, they also outsource all regulatory requirements, such as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). This reduces costs, risks and administrative effort. Additionally, companies are able to improve their customer data quality as well onboard new customers hassle-free and cost-efficiently.

User-friendly app design and legally compliant online business

“helix id is designed as a holistic trust network. All parties are securely verified, which creates a common basis of trust for customers and companies alike,” explains Oliver Naegele. “To protect this trust, helix id uses end-to-end encryption and handles digital processes and payments without any intermediary involved.”

helix id is an ecosystem for digital identities with an integrated marketplace for digital goods and services. In later stages, it will feature digital signatures and an integrated payment method. The design of the app is user-friendly and minimalistic, the user is the focus of attention. The use of the online services is secure and convenient due to the central login, so that customers don’t have to insert annoying passwords any longer.​

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