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Unibator´s WeProfit Pre-Seed Investment news

Unibator startup WeProfit receives USD $ 330,000 pre-seed investment — at a $ 3.1 million valuation — to set up the first software development marketplace

(Frankfurt, June 1st, 2021) The B2B startup WeProfit, a marketplace for software development projects, receives a pre-seed investment of USD $ 330,000. WeProfit intends to use this money to build the first software development marketplace and the way software does Projects handled globally are changing radically.

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19, trends such as remote work & outsourcing and finding quality B2B partners for software development projects have been booming, but this continues to be a major challenge for many companies,” describes WeProfit co-founder Sahak Artazyan.

Weprofit’s vision is to make global markets accessible to everyone

The WeProfit platform, a global and digital marketplace, should enable companies to find suitable and screened business partners for software development projects & to handle projects on the platform itself, with minimal risk and easy. This is intended to create an instrument for fulfilling the digital transformation. Contractors (only companies, not freelancers) can showcase their services and compete in global markets without large marketing or sales budgets. In addition, individual private individuals can use their knowledge and their network to act as a connector and earn a commission when bringing together clients and contractors.

The founders’ personal experiences have laid the foundation for WeProfit

All three founders — Sahak, Matteo & Arsen — have a migration background and grew up in and around Frankfurt with several cultures and languages. Each of them experienced a productive, communicative and international exchange early on — this became the common basis for the idea and the founding of WeProfit.

As an economist & economist, CEO Sahak Artazyan is responsible for the strategic direction and business development of WeProfit. Matteo Emmanuello took a break from his law studies for WeProfit and, as COO, is responsible for the branding in addition to the operational management. CTO Arsen Abrahamyan programs and oversees the technical implementation of the platform.

Experienced investors stand behind the business model and support the development of the WeProfit platform

The entrepreneurs Clemens Bollinger (pioneer in civil aviation), Vahe Andonians (series founder & lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance) and Armen Kocharyan (managing director of the software development company VOLO), as well as leading personalities from the financial industry Dr. Ara Abrahamyan (former board member of Erste Group Bank) and Jörg-Matthias Butzlaff (Head of Corporate Communications, Bankhaus Metzler) share the WeProfit vision and support the development of the platform financially and strategically.



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