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Role: Co-Founder/Designer

CollabLyfe was designed for artists and musicians looking to find other creatives to work on projects with.

With CollabLyfe, a user:

  • Creates a profile
  • Tags him/herself with a keyword system to help other creatives find the perfect collaborator.
  • Based off of an “I am an “X” looking for “Y” system,” a user selects both a Title (Guitarist, Producer, Singer, etc) and then chooses what kind of artist or musician they are looking to collab with (Videographer, Singer, Photographer, Rapper, etc).

After my friend had been selling his productions and beats to other artists via craigslist, we both started researching what better ways there were to find artists that we liked and then quickly contact them. Most of the widely used websites like SoundCloud and Spotify were great for artists sampling their work, but did not have easy ways to get in touch. Some competitors that did encourage collaboration, only focused on collaboration tools, and not connecting. The users of these other websites had to have met somewhere other than their platform. With CollabLyfe, searching for that replacement guitarist or finding the perfect beat to lay some vocals over is easy and free!

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