UX Research, User Testing, and Survey Builder

PeopleVine is a CRM platform helping to engage, connect, and grow customers and businesses. They power many well known companies such as Zip Car and Rosatti’s. With so many “out-of-the-box” tools and resources, customers can create and capture data from newsletters, surveys, and much more.

I was brought on to help:

*Enhance the User Experience for creating and sending out newsletters and surveys on PeopleVine’s desktop platform.
*Create a mobile-web design for creating a survey.

Enhancing the UX

Through a variety of UX research methods and tools, including

  • rapid experimentation, prototyping, usability testing (remote and in-person), journey mapping, card sorting, and user interviews.

I was able to gather some great research and observations to analyze and present to my Director.

With time and human resource as constraint, my Director and I agreed on some design directions which were:

  • Reposition current UI elements, components, or copy in different orders or arrangements that can be done with little time and effort. Mainly HTML/CSS changes.
  • Utilise a “stacked” or “drawer” approach to rearranging or compartmentalizing sections of the process.

Survey Builder on Mobile Web

Below is a prototype I designed for a user to quickly build a survey to send out via PeopleVine’s platform.

Drop PeopleVine a line to request a Demo!

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