Frankl airdrop for scientists and science students: What, why, and how?

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What is an airdrop? Supplies being sent down by parachute? A way to get photos off your iPhone? Not in the world of cryptocurrency.

An airdrop is when tokens are distributed for free.

In our case, we’re giving Frankl tokens away specifically to scientists and science students who will use the tokens to advance the cause of open science.

This is new territory for many scientists. So here is our simple guide to the Frankl airdrop, which will run from 24 April — 24 May.

Who or what is Frankl?

Frankl is a team based in Sydney, Australia and led by cognitive scientist Dr Jon Brock and blockchain technician Peter Godbolt. We’re bringing together the worlds of science and blockchain to make open science easier and more rewarding for scientists.

What exactly is a Frankl token?

The Frankl token is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain. The tokens will be the medium of exchange on the Frankl platform. In the first instance, they’ll be used to access apps for data collection and data management — and to reward people for engaging in open science practices like sharing their data. But the idea is that eventually they’ll be used for all kinds of transactions within science like rewarding people for taking part in research, collecting data, performing peer review.

What are Frankl tokens worth?

Like anything, they’re worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for them. We’ve done some economic modelling to work out what we should sell them for, which we will make available on our medium page at the end of April.

So why are you giving them away?

In a word (well two words), network effects. We want lots of scientists holding and exchanging the tokens — and talking about Frankl.

Who can take part in the airdrop?

Are you over 18 and working as a scientist or studying science at university? If so, then you can take part in the Frankl airdrop.

What do I need to take part in the Frankl Airdrop?

  • An email address from a university or scientific institution.
  • A Telegram account so you can join the Frankl conversation.
  • An Ethereum wallet so you can receive your tokens.

Don’t worry we’ll walk you through those steps.

I know what an email address is, but what is a Telegram account?

Telegram is a secure social application that you can get on your smartphone or desktop. If you use WhatsApp or Slack it’s very similar. But it’s good for large group conversations.

If you don’t have a Telegram account, you can download it here.

All you need to do then is join the Frankl Open Science channel and remain in the group at least until the end of the airdrop. Obviously, we’d love you to stay in the conversation beyond that and participate in the discussion with the community that we are building. Tell us what you think about the project, and what we could be doing better or differently.

Got it. But what about an Ethereum wallet?

The wallet stores the necessary components that make using cryptocurrency possible. You can use a wallet online or you can purchase a hardware device which is a physical wallet.

If you don’t have an ethereum wallet, you can go here for a step by step guide on how to create a digital ethereum wallet with the Hut34 wallet or

How many tokens do I get?

We’re giving away up to 700 million Frankl tokens. Tokens are divided into stakes — the exact number of tokens in a stake will depend on the number of eligible scientists and science students who sign up for the airdrop.

Every eligible person taking part in the airdrop gets at least one stake. We’re giving extra stakes to active scientists (again the amounts depend on the number of people signing up). So let us know if you hold a PhD or are studying for a PhD.

What can I do to get more stakes?

Spread the word. Tell other people about the airdrop and we’ll give you one extra stake per successful referral — up to a maximum of 4 extra stakes. Just tell them to give us your name and your email (the one you used to sign up) when they sign up.

  • Follow us on social media (Twitter, Medium, or Facebook) or sign up to our newsletter. We’ll give you one extra stake if you do any of the above
  • Introduce yourself on Telegram and tell us why you’re interested in Frankl.

When can I expect to receive my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed at the close of the token sale. If there are any updates, this will be announced on Telegram.

This all sounds interesting but I’m still not convinced

No worries at all. We understand that scientists are bombarded with messages about scam conferences and journals. If you don’t want to register for the airdrop, why not follow us for now on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, or Facebook? If you like what you hear, you can always sign up for free tokens any time before the end of the airdrop!

For terms and conditions about the airdrop, please read this document.

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